Why 2017 Has Been a Good Year.. So Far

Well, it's now May of 2017, and so far it's been an amazing time full incredible opportunities and eventful days. But I'll be honest, 2016 wasn't the best year for me. So first stepping into 2017, I didn't have much hope. In fact, I really didn't have any hope at all. But that quickly changed as the year began to progress. This year so far has given me happiness. It gave me incredible hope about the rest of the year. It helped me overcome anxiety about changes throughout my life. I had many eventful days and good things happen in this year. And I'm thankful for everything that has happened so far in 2017. So here's my list of things that happened in 2017 to make this year a good one so far.

January 7 2017 - I got my nose pierced.

I've been wanting to get my nose pierce for years and just after the new year, I finally did it. I was so happy about it too! It was one of the easiest things that I did this year so far.

January 21 2017 - I got my first tattoo.

This was years in the process and a very late Christmas present but I'm thankful I finally got it done. I'm in love with this tattoo because it means so much more than just it being an album cover from one of my favorite bands. I'm actually very proud of myself that I was able to sit through it and actually go through with it.

March 13 2017 - I turned 22.

Totally featuring my birthday selfie. But really turning 22 was one of the better things that happened this year because it made me feel more like an adult. Though my birthday didn't completely go as planned, I'm still happy I got to spend the week with people who really cared about me.

April 1 2017 - I moved into my first apartment with the love of my life.

So yes, we moved into our first apartment together on April Fools Day but still, it was an amazing experience (so far). And yes this picture is from our first night, eating fast food on a makeshift table. It's been a dream to be able to go from saying when am I going to see you this week to when are you coming home? I have loved every second of living together in this month.

April 28 2017 - I got engaged.

This is the photo of the night it happened, which yes was only a few days ago. And I'm still in shock. But it's incredible and I officially get to say I'M MARRYING MY BEST FRIEND. Trust me though, I was crying the entire time it was happening. It was done so cutely.

It's only May but already so much has happened this year. In only a mere 12 days I graduate college. My friend gets married in July; My brother gets married in November. It is going to be an eventful year from now on and I'm completely excited for it. I'm excited and hopeful that the rest of the year will bring me incredible and amazing opportunities and be just as eventful as the months that have passed.

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