Life is unfair. We all know that. It is the most essential golden rule that every human learns eventually, no matter how in denial we want to be of it. Bad things happen to the best people and sometimes karma never reaches the bad ones. Despite this, we are expected to continue marching through life, even if the cards of Life might be set against us. Unfortunately, sometimes Life wins, and not in a good way.

Everyday people die. Some die of natural causes and others from accidents. We like to think death is a threat to only the old. Sadly, anyone is subject to death, even the youngest of the world or the most "special" ones in God's eyes. When one loses someone very special to them, they start to wonder why. Why did God allow this? Why is Life so cruel that it is willing to take someone's life away to further prove how unfair It is? The truth is, there is no easy explanation that will satisfy any pain or anger we feel.

In the book-turned-film, "Same Kind of Different as Me," a wise homeless person quotes, "When you is precious to God, you become important to Satan." In other words, when someone is loved by everyone and is a genuinely good person on the inside, God wants that person to live happily and receive His love. However, Satan wants that person all to himself, to bring upon evil and darkness. Sometimes Satan wins, leading to the death of one. Whether you believe in God or Satan, we can all conclude that death is the worst kind of evil.

There is another way to interpret this quote. Maybe God is aware that Satan is also competing to "care" for this person. Maybe God is so aware and afraid of the subject being in danger, that He knows the subject will be safer in heaven. Maybe God does not want any harm to reach the subject and knows Satan's devious plan will cause harm, so in order to protect him or her, He takes his or her life away. With this, he or she is living in heaven, protected by God and His angels, incapable of being touched by the devil. You see, when one dies, that is God's way of saving them from an unfortunate future; it is not done out of spite.

Is this fair? Of course not, but we, including God, already know life is not fair. The least He can do is try to help and protect us from inevitable darkness, even if it ultimately means death.

When someone we love or care for deeply passes away, we feel all types of emotions, ranging from grief, to confusion, to anger. For some, that anger is directed towards themselves, thinking there is something they could have done to stop this tragic event. Other times, this anger is directed towards God.

It's ok to be angry. It's ok to feel whatever it is you do. But just know, your loved one or friend is in a better place now. God knew what would happen if that person stayed on Earth, and it was not a bright future. God is protecting him or her. They are safe now, without any suffering, pain, or evil. They are and will continue to look after you from up above, and make sure you are not subject to Satan's pawn. And if you do not believe in God or heaven or even an after-life, just know that your loved one can never be hurt again now, and they loved you.

May all of those we have lost someone way too soon rest in peace.