Set An Example and Move On
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Set An Example and Move On

We can't afford to divide and conquer any longer than we already have.

Set An Example and Move On

There has been an election, to state the obvious. It’s made some feel scared, frustrated, upset, let down and at a loss. Some see this country being a continuous losing battle. On the other hand, to others, the conclusion to the election has brought joy and hope that the country might make a change for the better. Putting these groups side by side unfolds a list of problems which the citizens of America have created.

It’s no wonder why We The People have become so divided when our opinions dominate our decisions.

If you have “cleaned out your friends” from social media networks, is that not choosing to separate yourself from someone you were once willing to consider a friend? We are entitled to our own choices of adding, deleting, accepting and following whomever we choose. Doing so based on their political stance and wave of emotion over a presidential election reflects upon you too. If you are after the drama-free path, that’s not the right way. In fact, no way is the right way unless we are uniting with those around us. Just a thought, is it not already being dramatic enough to delete and unfollow someone simply because they make a post that upsets their reader?

In midst of the emotional outburst, imagine what that is teaching our youth across America. Seriously, stop and think about it. A new president comes into office, and tantrums are town, everywhere. By chastising and belittling our rivals of the election, we are teaching kids that it’s okay to act in such ways. You’re upset and have little to no faith in Donald Trump? That’s okay just burn an American flag. Start a riot. By all means, threaten to move to a different country, because that shows that, evidently, America is the only country that is struggling. Rant about it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and at the very least, make sure you just delete anyone who disagrees in response to your post.

Burning the American flag doesn’t show hate for the president. It only allows those burning it to reach a peak of disrespect and animosity for the men and women that are currently and have previously fought for their freedom.

Surely those suggestions are dramatic, but they are what people are protesting about! Looking at them in this tone, how does it look? Does it give you a sense of maturity or faith in others’ ability to move forward? Perhaps you are even someone who has discussed these matters and feel strongly about them. Move forward. Maybe you don’t care about it at all. Move forward. Maybe you actually do feel passionate about our newly elected president. Again, move forward.

Quite frankly, now more than ever is a time to share love and encouragement with one another, and come together as one. This isn’t a place to divide and conquer, because it just doesn’t work like that when we all have the same leader. People, it’s not worth the headache to wake up and live in a state of fear. Perhaps it would be with the less popular to say to pray about it, but if you, reader, are one that is scared of what is going to happen, then take a leap of faith and pray about the problems you see. If you are at odds with the situation and have hit rock bottom with nothing else to think of to say or do, pray. Let’s pray for forgiveness amongst all of us so that we can forgive and move forward, because that’s the only direction we can go whether we like it or not.

Blue and red are colors that further separate us. How about instead, we unite in the white and be pure with each other and ourselves. Forgive those that have wronged, because we, the accuser have also wronged. It’s an election. It only changes the entirety our lives if we allow it to.

Let us no longer wake up with a fear of hustling and grinding for our own greatness and success. An election isn’t going to make or break who you are as a person in the world. Your decisions and preparation for each day are what determine that. The time has come to an end being moved by the hate and the anger. Instead, go move your mountains. That will ultimately speak far louder than hateful comments or deceitful actions ever will. Humans are the biggest monsters that one will ever face. Don't be one.

Humans are different, unique and hard creatures. The day we understand them is the day we no longer see the lines that separates us. Some are black, some are white, and some are in between. Characteristics don’t make someone racist, because those are what describe us. Our very DNA made us the color we are. What we, individually have on the inside is what makes us human. We aren’t black or white, we are humans. The same ability to love lies within us all. Let’s use it a little more and to broader extremities. We all have something the world needs, and it isn’t hate or chastisement.

The election isn’t what has been dividing people, it’s those who live in the United States of America. We The People, have chosen to divide ourselves, and that’s a choice.

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