'Who Is America?' A Thought-Provoking Question And Incredibly Satirical Show

'Who Is America?' A Thought-Provoking Question And Incredibly Satirical Show

Who is America? A question we may think we know the answer to and a TV show we didn't know we needed.


Lately, it feels like every show and every movie, nearly every word spread on social media, is aimed at the current political state of America. We are assaulted with those shows, movies, posts, etc., whether they be positive or negative, on a daily basis, possibly even hourly. It's not a stretch to say that as a nation it seems we have become desensitized to awful news and thoughts and opinions; so, it is no surprise when we view those harshly political shows, movies, social media posts we are unfazed. Yet, one new TV show with the same underlying theme of political mocking sticks out among the rest: Sacha Baron Cohen's new Showtime series "Who is America?"

Much like Cohen's previous work of "Borat" and "Bruno", this series revolves around Cohen dressing up as a different character, or in this case characters, and interacting with real, everyday people who are not in on the "bit." If the blaring, fast-paced flashing image beginning sequence doesn't immediately draw you in then Cohen's cohort of five incredibly different, yet all insanely funny characters will most definitely do the trick. Each of Cohen's six characters seems to embody a distinct stereotypical, dramatized (we hope) archetype of people and fads in America today.

One of his characters is Dr. Nira Cain-N'Degeocello, an extremely liberal gender-studies professor at Reed College, who wishes to "heal the divide" between conservatives and liberals in America by cycling across the nation and talking to different people including Trump supporters, senators, local politicians, gangster rappers, and many others. If you think this situation sounds like everything could go wrong, you are extremely right. In a way that seems like only Cohen can do, he perfectly mocks the extreme liberalism of some people in modern-day society while also calling out the immense wrongs that the intensely conservative stand for and promote.

One exchange shows Dr. Nina Cain-N'Degeocello trying to help an ailing community in rural Arizona, a community full of very conservative citizens. He proposes they build the biggest mosque outside of the Middle East. To say the least, the people in the town do not like the idea and the exchange that ensues is extremely humorous.

Another of the characters Colonel Erran Morad, a member of the Israeli military and an anti-terrorist expert who shows very off-beat technology and tactics to fight against such enemies as immigrants, terrorists, and pedophiles. In one skit Cohen's character Erran Morad interviews former Alabama G.O.P. candidate Roy Moore, where he shows him a new Israeli technology that is quite like a metal detector but instead of detecting metal it detects pedophiles. As Colonel Erran Morad goes to show Roy Moore how the device works the device starts beeping as it passes the Alabaman. Colonel Erran Morad shakes his head saying something must be wrong with the device and keeps passing it over Roy Moore, only for it to beep every time it is passed over. More beeping, more talking, more "confusion" on both parties parts follow.

It is daring risks like this that make Cohen stand out in his political satire because he's not mocking these people behind their back he's mocking them to their face while pretending he isn't in on the joke, which just makes every situation all the more humorous. Instead of hiding behind a screen or desk and typing or talking away, Cohen dresses up and embodies various characters and personalities found in American society today, while also going out to ridicule the people who are the complete opposite of the people he himself pretends to be.

More than anything it is without thought that this show is extremely funny, but after the belly-deep laughs fade real questions about the state of our country will stick in your mind. The show's title may be "Who is America?" but after binging the series you will wonder who you are in America.

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6 Things You Should Know About The Woman Who Can't Stand Modern Feminism

Yes, she wants to be heard too.


2018 is sort of a trap for this woman. She believes in women with all of the fire inside of her, but it is hard for her to offer support when people are making fools of themselves and disguising it as feminism.

The fact of the matter is that women possess qualities that men don't and men possess qualities that women don't. That is natural. Plus, no one sees men parading the streets in penis costumes complaining that they don't get to carry their own fetus for nine months.

1. She really loves and values women.

She is incredibly proud to be a woman.

She knows the amount of power than a woman's presence alone can hold. She sees when a woman walks into a room and makes the whole place light up. She begs that you won't make her feel like a "lady hater" because she doesn't want to follow a trend that she doesn't agree with.

2. She wants equality, too

She has seen the fundamental issues in the corporate world, where women and men are not receiving equal pay.

She doesn't cheer on the businesses that don't see women and men as equivalents. But she does recognize that if she works her butt off, she can be as successful as she wants to.

3. She wears a bra.

While she knows the "I don't have to wear a bra for society" trend isn't a new one, but she doesn't quite get it. Like maybe she wants to wear a bra because it makes her feel better. Maybe she wears a bra because it is the normal things to do... And that's OK.

Maybe she wants to put wear a lacy bra and pretty makeup to feel girly on .a date night. She is confused by the women who claim to be "fighting for women," because sometimes they make her feel bad for expressing her ladyhood in a different way than them.

4. She hates creeps just as much as you do. .

Just because she isn't a feminist does not mean that she is cool with the gruesome reality that 1 in 5 women are sexually abused.

In fact, this makes her stomach turn inside out to think about. She knows and loves people who have been through such a tragedy and wants to put the terrible, creepy, sexually charged criminals behind bars just as bad as the next woman.

Remember that just because she isn't a feminist doesn't mean she thinks awful men can do whatever they want.

5. There is a reason she is ashamed of 2018's version of feminism.

She looks at women in history who have made a difference and is miserably blown away by modern feminism's performance.

Not only have women in the past won themselves the right to vote, but also the right to buy birth control and have credit cards in their names and EVEN saw marital rape become a criminal offense.

None of them dressed in vagina costumes to win anyone over though... Crazy, right?

6. She isn't going to dress in a lady parts costume to prove a point.

This leaves her speechless. It is like the women around her have absolutely lost their minds and their agendas, only lessening their own credibility.

"Mom, what are those ladies on TV dressed up as?"

"Ummm... it looks to me like they are pink taco's honey."

She loves who she is and she cherished what makes her different from the men around her. She doesn't want to compromise who she is as a woman just so she can be "equal with men."

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Patriotism Is More Than Putting The American Flag On Everything

Because honestly, people in other countries don't wear their flags like we do - and they still love where they live.


Patriotism is "the feeling of loving your country more than any others and being proud of it," according to the Cambridge dictionary. Nowhere in that definition does it mention painting flags on vehicles or wearing them on our clothes is a requirement. It's not even recommended. Yet somewhere along the way, America got in its head that if you don't wear flags on your clothing at least 24 times a year, you must be committing treason or a terrorist or something.

Now I am obviously exaggerating! However, there are so many other ways to be patriotic, and it is time for 'Merica to understand that.

In order to love your country more than any others and be proud of it- AKA being patriotic- help make your country a place you should be proud of. Support things that not only benefit yourself but your children (or children in general if you don't have any of your own).

Maybe this means voting for higher taxes on yourself to improve the quality of life for others. Higher income taxes actually benefit the upper class because of write-offs, while higher sales taxes benefit the middle and lower classes. Why? Rich people buy more stuff and can't write it all off.

I know, I know, I know. This country was founded on the hatred of taxes. "Taxes are stealing." The whole bit. But taxes are a required part of life, so start thinking about how to best use them.

Universal healthcare is paid for through tax dollars. I get it- "that's socialist and we aren't a socialist country" or whatever your argument is, but hear me out... We are supposedly guaranteed the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... People cannot choose if they will be healthy or not. Not having universal healthcare means not everyone is insured and can go to the doctor, which means as a country we are telling people who cannot afford those things that their lives are somehow worth less... Is that not a denial of the unalienable rights we bragged about at our country's founding?

Oh, sorry, was that off topic? In order to have patriotism, we have to have something to be proud of... If we have a country full of sick people who can't get better, should we really be proud of that?

Should we really be proud of a country who seeks to destroy our environment for finite resources instead of looking to renewable energy sources to create cleaner power- and more jobs? Should we be proud of a country that thinks of diplomacy like a business? Should we be proud of a country where diversity is avoided, and we judge those different than ourselves despite claiming to be a melting pot?

Guess what? I'm not proud. I'm tired of living in a country that claims to be the best when it is only really number one at defense spending, arms exports, natural gas output, number of people incarcerated per capita, number of fast food restaurants, number of mass shootings per year, and highest medical costs.

I'm proud of those who have fought for our freedoms, be it at war or for civil rights at home, but I am not proud of what we've done with it all. I couldn't care less about how great our country was or can be. What I care about is living in a place where we take care of one another and want everyone to succeed, not just a handful of individuals at the expense of others. Life isn't a race- someone else's success or failure should not determine if you get the health care you need.

Paint your flags all over and ignore this if you like. Call me unpatriotic- I can handle it. If the state of America right now does not bother you, go on with your inaction. But patriotism has less to do with wearing flag bathing suits, and far more to do with being a contributing member of a society that does not stand for injustices. And right now, America, there are a lot of injustices.

I am patriotic; I am proud of the accomplishments in our past. But unless we start making advances and investments in a country and society that deserves pride... I'm ashamed to think of what is to come.

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