I pray.

But I pray to what?

Day after day I hear "I pray", "I pray",

But I pray to who?

I want life.

I want joy.

I want pain to dissolve like sugar in a cup of coffee.

And I want Him to drink that cup of coffee,

And completely rid the pain that dissolved within it.

But who is He?

And what does He control?

How does He control?

It takes the right moment,

Or the right person,

To realize who He is in your life.

There is a reason you cannot see Him,

Or hear Him,

But He is always there.

You can feel it.

That feeling when you know you are all alone,

But do not feel alone.

When you most need it.

When you start to lose hope.

When you just want someone to listen.

He will be there.

There is no magic.

He can't change anything.

The miracle is you.

I pray for comfort.

I pray for my own strength.

I pray for cure.

He may listen,

But you are doing.

Praying is coping.

Praying is encouraging.

Praying is hopeful.

Everywhere I go,

Everything I do,

Someone is watching over me.

Together we are unstoppable.