Whitey's Ice Cream's Secret Menu

If you're from the Quad Cities you know that you're being served the best ice cream in the entire country, and honestly, it pisses you off when someone tries to argue you on that topic. Whitey's Ice Cream is unlike any ice cream shop you've ever been to--heck, it's even won national awards. If you're a native you've probably tried just about everything on the menu, haven't you? Well think again, people. Coming from a former Whitey's employee herself I know that the ice cream company has a few tricks up it's sleeve--and by tricks I mean secret recipes. So buckle up friends, I'm about to introduce you to a brand new Whitey's menu that you never even new existed. You'll also probably want to write these down so you don't forget to order them next time you're there. Thank me later.

1. Banana Cream Pie Shake

Number one because it's (in my opinion) the best secret recipe they have. A shake with graham central station base, banana, vanilla flavoring, and whip cream mixed IN to the shake, as well as topped with it, makes this shake unlike anything you've ever tasted. Your taste buds will melt with the first bite.

2. Crunchy Cup-o-Joe Shake

Order a shake with Cup-O-Joe ice cream for the base, hot fudge flavoring, and a waffle cone mixed inside the shake. This shake is the perfect mix of cold, warm, soft, and crunchy-- plus if you're a coffee fan you definitely need this shake.

3. Blueberry Muffin Shake

Order a cake batter shake without sprinkles and add blueberry for this breakfast-food spinoff shake. Don't like blueberry? No problem, add any fruit you like to a cake batter shake to make it a Muffin Shake. Speaking from experience, Strawberry Muffin Shakes and Raspberry Muffin Shakes are must-tries as well.

4. Cotton Candy Slush Float

Okay, this one is going to sound weird, but trust me when I say it somehow works. Order a cherry slush with 2 scoops of cotton candy ice cream in it to have the strangest, but most delicious, slush float you've ever tasted.

5. Pumpkin Pie Shake

For my fellow fall fanatics out there, your pumpkin season just got a whole lot better. If you're lucky enough to be at a Whitey's during pumpkin season you have to give this secret shake a shot. Order a shake with graham central station as the base, pumpkin flavoring, cinnamon and whip cream mixed in, as well as topped with whip cream and cinnamon. Move over plain old pumpkin pie, Whitey's has a cold version of you that puts up a real tough fight.

6. Turtle Split Shake

Rejoice all yee turtle tracks fans out there, this is going to change the way you view your favorite ice cream. Order a shake with turtle tracks ice cream as the base, butterscotch flavoring, add a banana, then have it topped with whip cream, pecans, and a cherry. What this secret recipe creates is the most amazing liquid banana split humanly possible, you'll never want to eat a normal banana split again.

7. S'mores Shake

You probably think I'm going to tell you to order a Sergeant Camo shake, right? Wrong-o. I have something even better for you. Order a shake with graham central station ice cream as the base, marshmallow flavoring as well as hot fudge flavoring, and a waffle cone mixed in. This shake is almost as good as the real thing, and will definitely be something you want to order again and again and again and again.

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