10 Whimsical Activities That Will Help Your Creative Juices Flow During Quarantine
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10 Whimsical Activities That Will Help Your Creative Juices Flow During Quarantine

To inspire creativity and a blissful life.

10 Whimsical Activities That Will Help Your Creative Juices Flow During Quarantine
Photo by Laurel Dobrozsi

Have you been lying in bed all day trying to surpass the stale boredom of being inside? You think, "How is it even possible to go back to my creativity and the routine of my everyday life?"

Well, don't you worry because I have gathered 10 quirky things to do while being uninspired! These are things you wouldn't typically do in your day-to-day life, and hopefully they will help you get the left side of your brain rockin' and rollin'.

1. Make friendship bracelets.

Photo by Laurel Dobrozsi

I'm sure we all remember the times when we were younger and learned how to make the most beautiful friendship bracelets! While we are trapped inside, you can make your friends a cute friendship bracelet and mail it to them to remind them that you love them. Yes, it sounds a little cheesy, but I promise you that an activity like this will bring you right back to your childhood and allow you to set aside all of your "grown-up" responsibilities for the time being.

2. Start a bullet journal.

Photo by Laurel Dobrozsi

Journaling is one of the most beneficial creative outlets there is! It is a way to organize your life and to get out all of your thoughts, all while being creative in your own way. This journal should be unique to you, and since no one else is going to see it, who cares how it looks?

3. Make smoothies.

Photo by Laurel Dobrozsi

Strawberry, banana, blueberry, pineapple, orange juice... you can already taste it now! Nothing can brighten your mood like a fresh, delicious smoothie. Smoothies are always a fantastic way to start your mornings and are a good way to get you to smile and forget the world around you after one tasteful sip. And I don't know about you, but I always feel proud after I make a smoothie.

4. Go on a bike ride around town.

Photo by Laurel Dobrozsi

Why waste a beautiful spring day inside on your phone or lying in bed when the sun is out, the wind is blowing, and the flowers are blooming? Yes, with the quarantine going on we are doing social distancing, but on a bike, nobody can catch you! Get outside and explore your town and local parks. You can even take some cute selfies at the places you find attractive. Now get out there...and don't forget your sunscreen!

5. Paint motivational rocks.

Photo by Laurel Dobrozsi

As you are coming back from your magical bike ride, I know you picked up a couple of your favorite rocks, don't lie. Now you have an opportunity to be creative and positive at the same time! You can paint the beautiful scenery you saw or write a motivational quote that you are passionate about. Grab your paintbrushes, wash those rocks, and go to town!

6. Read a romance novel.

Photo by Laurel Dobrozsi

You may be thinking, "What if it's a rainy day and Ican't go out and explore?" Well, one of my personal favorite rainy day activities is to read a Nicholas Sparks book curled up with a blanket next to the couch by the window to listen to the sounds of the thunder and pitter-patter of the rain falling. I bet you'd enjoy it, too!

7. Make natural self-care items.

Photo by Laurel Dobrozsi

This is a great way to make self-care into a fun activity! Find ways to make body soap, shampoo, conditioner, lip scrubs, face masks, deodorants, toothpaste, and even lotion more natural, efficient, and waste-free. Help out the Earth while enjoying your time! You can even get the family involved. I know that my sisters and I always enjoy a nice self-care day with products we've made ourselves.

8. Garden or buy plants for your room.

Photo by Laurel Dobrozsi

While you have the time, you can always go out and do some nature art: gardening! Give back to the planet and make your yard beautiful. Gardening is a good self-meditative activity and makes you feel nice and proud when you're done. Another thing you can do is (if safe) go out and buy plants or pot plants for your room to make you feel like nature is around you while being inside. You can always paint and decorate the pots as well! Be sure to name them!

9. Do at-home yoga.

Photo by Laurel Dobrozsi

One of my favorite activities to do is at-home yoga to focus on self-care, a positive mindset, and resetting my intentions for my day. Yoga is a beautiful way to stay active in a way that doesn't take as much will-power as other exercises. It is great for becoming more self-aware and self-involved. This is extremely important when you get into little ruts of feeling unproductive. And the best part about at-home yoga is that there is no one there to judge how flexible you are or how amazing your poses are. It is all at your own pace in the comfort of your home, and maybe even in PJs!

10. Create whatever is inside of you.

Photo by Laurel Dobrozsi

Create! During this period you now have the free time to create art. Whether this is writing, making music, painting, drawing, editing videos, or anything that has ever interested you but you felt that you just didn't have the time. Take this period in your life while you are at rest to develop your dreams and to set them into motion.

With any of these activities, I know that you'll be able to inspire something inside you. You don't have to try them all, but do the ones that appeal to you! I promise that you will start to feel more productive.

Like Isaac Newton said, "An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force." Let these 10 things be the outside force that gets you back into motion! It only takes one thing to transform your day into something enjoyable. So let's be creative and get motivated into motion!

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