Where's Your Sandbar?
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Student Life

Where's Your Sandbar?

Local college student starts a company on the simple idea of loving life and escaping reality.

Where's Your Sandbar?
Christopher McCormick

It’s easy to escape from reality in our minds. We sit behind desks, piles of laundry and computers, wishing we were somewhere else, anywhere else. Sometimes, we daydream for minutes at a time, and others we stop ourselves a within a few seconds. Our lives can quickly become a routine, so one young Tampa man decided it was time to break his own. His solution: SANDBAR

Christopher McCormick, a 20-year-old student-athlete started SANDBAR behind a desk of his own during his first two years of college. With countless hours of schoolwork and collegiate baseball, he began his escape with a simple idea.

“I was sitting in math class (not paying attention like I should have been), but I was thinking of everywhere else I'd rather be, and I started thinking of the sandbar where my friends and I spent a lot of time growing up,” McCormick said.

SANDBAR encompasses every definition of what it means to live . From its appeal to relaxation with comfortable cotton shirts to its nod to adventure with its slogan, “Where’s Your Sandbar...”, this simple T-shirt is meant to inspire customers to find their happy place, or SANDBAR.

“SANDBAR is one place on earth that you love to go to just to get away from everything; where you have no worries and where you're most happy,” McCormick said.

McCormick intends for his customers and life lovers everywhere to take his shirts to their very own sandbars. He wants people to understand that a sandbar doesn’t have to be an island in the middle of the ocean. A sandbar can be anything from a backyard, a quiet spot in the park or even the couch reading a good book. The beauty of SANDBAR lies within its ability to appeal to anyone. Everyone needs a getaway, and SANDBAR is meant to inspire us to find one sooner than later.

“It’s an idea to help everyone realize that they have a sandbar they just might have forgotten about due to being caught up in life. But, I think that when they see the shirts, it gets people thinking and they'll figure it (their sandbar) out,” McCormick said.

With a cost of $20, the high-quality T-shirts are both affordable and comfortable. McCormick intended for his company to excel with a strong customer base. In order to achieve this, he wanted all things SANDBAR to be practical and easy on wallets.

“We all enjoy a great T-shirt, and I hope that the simple idea of SANDBAR can make some type of impact on people in a great and inexpensive way,” McCormick said.

Addicted to living, McCormick hopes to spread his appreciation of life all over the world through this company. He found his sandbar and wants people everywhere to find theirs, too.

“In a few years, I hope that SANDBAR is making its way around the world. I want people to really start to enjoy it and start finding a sandbar of their own: wherever, whatever or whoever it may be,” McCormick said.

To learn more about SANDBAR, please visit:

Twitter: sandbarclothingco

Instagram: sandbarclothing

Coming soon: www.wheresyoursandbar.com

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