Today, you can't go anywhere without hearing that there is an app for whatever you are about to do. There's an app to find you a parking spot, for restaurants, stores, banks, etc. In the unlikely event you can't find an app for something, it is probably already in the works. With all this technology we have, it makes me wonder why can't we choose what our tax money pays for.

In the news, you hear all the time about national spending, our countries debt, taxes, what we spend our money on. Although, more than half of us probably don't even understand what the news is talking about even means. We just know the simple stuff, like that it is money the government has that came from us. How did it come from us? Well, taxes. Duh! We all have to pay them! Those taxes we pay in turn gets used by the government for different things. People in power then choose what it goes too.

It's actually kind of crazy if you think about it. Other people get to choose what the money you paid goes too. Most of it funds the military which, don't get me wrong, is good. But that money could be cut in half to go towards education or healthcare. Depending on what each person believes is important to them, is what taxes should go to. So why isn't there an app for that?

J.Cole said it best in his song Brackets, "it's 2018, let me pick the things I'm funding from an app on my screen." It's true though how are we so advanced in technology yet so behind at the same time? Later on in the song, J.Cole says, "Better than letting some wack congressman I've never seen dictate where my money goes." I believe us, the people, sometimes have way better ideas than people that are actually in Congress. If we are paying huge amounts of money back to the government, why can't we decide what to pay?