As a sophomore, I have become well acquainted with Villanova's beautiful campus. While everyone knows the popular hangout spots on campus, students should take advantage of Villanova's many study spots. Finding that perfect study location with good lighting, that is not too loud and not too quiet can be tricky. Here are 5 of the best places to study at Villanova!

1. The Villanova Reading Room

While this is one of the most popular, and most well-known spots on campus, the Villanova Reading Room is a great place if you prefer to study in a quiet environment. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful rooms at Villanova!

2. SAC

The Saint Augustine Center, or SAC for short, is a great spot on campus if you're looking for group study rooms. The rooms in the library can fill up quickly; however, the rooms in SAC are spacious and new, and serves as a great location for group projects or late night study sessions with friends.

3. La Colombe 

If you live off campus, this may be the perfect study spot for you! Located in Bryn Mawr, La Colombe provides the ambiance of a traditional coffee shop. It is a nice change in scenery from the campus library or the ever-so-popular Starbucks.

4. The Presidential Lounge 

This is one of the best secrete spots on Villanova's campus. Located in the Connolly Center, the Presidential Lounge serves as a perfect quiet study spot in one of the busiest buildings on campus. With nice leather couches and a quiet atmosphere, students are encouraged to take full advantage of this prime study location.

5. The Law School 

While the Law School is locates all the way on West campus, it offers so many great study spots open to all Villanova students. The Law School also has some of the best food on campus, with comfortable seating perfect for quick study breaks!