Where Did The Time Go?

Where Did The Time Go?

So, 2007 wasn't three years ago, it was ten.

So, 2005 wasn't actually five years ago like it feels like, it was twelve. Heelys came out in 2002. Hannah Montana aired in 2006. Are you still breathing?

The Disney princesses are old news. Every "kid" was born after the 1990's, only reading about life events like 9/11, or hurricane Katrina. Your younger siblings are no longer in elementary school. They are freshman in high school, playing on your old basketball team, and walking the halls like they own the place.

Going on social media is no longer just filled with friends pictures from college and high school. There are now status's of the internships and job offers people have accepted, study abroad announcements, and even engagements. Its exciting, going out in the real world, but also incredibly scary. There are no Thanksgiving breaks, Spring break trips with your large group of friends. Feeling safe in the confines of your childhood home.

But then again doesn't that excite you. Moving into an apartment from my freshman year dorm was one of the most exciting things. Not only do you have your own space, the excitement of living on your own, but the feeling of independence is oh so real. Costco isn't as exciting anymore without the real need for bulk size Ramen Noodles and Kraft Easy Mac. But the real best part, is your ice maker. Real, live, ice cubes, no more room temperature water for you!

College courses are no longer general education classes, they're classes that actually apply to you, crazy right? Internships are no longer mandated by your parents, you actually want to put yourself out in the work force. To dip your feet in the water of business, marketing, or whatever your heart desires before you dive in head first.

Going back home for the holidays is now a combination of "I missed you" and "clean up your room", "why are you out so late?". That's when independence feels the best. When you know how to live on your own, your mom's worrisome nagging is just plain annoying, and you know right from wrong... for the most part.

Seeing friends graduate and leave is always sad. Losing touch with old friends becomes a norm, but its the scary part of growing up. Everyone is taking life by the reins, no longer a backseat driver with their parents directing the destination. So I guess hold on tight?

Cover Image Credit: B. Scott

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A Majestic Mountain Getaway for Your Big Day

The Views at Sunset Ridge is the Perfect Place to Tie The Knot

With my wedding happening in less than three months, I thought now would be a great time to introduce the Chattanooga area to one of its newest wedding and event venues; The Views at Sunset Ridge. My fiancé, his family, and I have worked to remodel this beautiful 20,000 sq. ft. building over the course of the last year. The venue is nestled atop a ridge with 360 mountain views. The sunsets are absolutely breathtaking, hence the name.

The Views at Sunset Ridge opened in December 2017. Our grand opening event will be held on February 11, 2018 from 2-6 p.m. Vendors from across the Chattanooga area will be set up to showcase their services. If you are a bride taking on the stressful, yet fun ride of wedding planning, this would be a great time to knock some of the items off of your to-do list.

At the venue, there are three floors and a crow's nest at the top. The first floor upon entering is Row Hall, a 40x100 room aquipped with beautiful staircases, where ceremonies are primarily held. The room gives an elegant, yet rustic industrial feel.

The Groom's Quarters is the ultimate man cave for the groom and groomsmen. TV, Xbox, bar; what more could you want? The Groom's Quarters is a great place to relax and get ready for the big day, or unwind and stay the night after it's over.

The Bridal suite on the second floor is perfect for any bride and her entourage. The bridal party also has the option to stay overnight in the suite. The vanity stations make it easy to do hair, makeup, and touch-ups throughout the day.

The Loft "caters" to all your reception needs! With custom farmhouse tables and a bar (not pictured), it is the perfect celebration spot after you say, "I DO!"

If you are engaged, looking for a wedding venue, or a spot for various other events, you can check out The Views at Sunset Ridge online.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheViewsatSunsetRidge/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/viewsatsunsetridge/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunsetRidgeTN

-Kaitlyn H. Evans

Cover Image Credit: Madison Carter Photography

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It's All Yours

Run with passion.

There are so many pressures that we feel as we enter the stages of even thinking about college. All throughout high school, we hear those words. “Get ready for college," “start applying," “start touring." Everywhere you turn you’re encouraged to seek a college education and put in classes that are labeled as “advanced." This is so that by the time we get to college we basically are supposed to know what we are doing for the rest of our lives.

Wrong. Never believe this.

People spend their whole lives searching for their calling and what they are truly meant to do and sometimes don’t find it until way later in life.

And that is okay.

Go to college as undeclared and search for what drives you and pushes you to be passionate. Or, change your major four times because at the end of the day college is about finding the career path that will make your life abundantly happy and go for it. Life isn’t about following a set of rules that society has always said are “right," it’s about the things that make us who we are and that isn’t always what is considered “normal” because we are all unique.

This year I changed my major for the second time, and it took a lot for me to actually go through with it. Changing majors for the second time meant changing career paths completely, and that was scary. Leaving what I had planned to do for the rest of my life (and had interned and apprenticed for, for the past three years) was not easy. It meant taking a leap of faith out of my comfort zone and into a field that I wasn’t as familiar with.

It meant wanting to see my dreams through and come true.

And I did it. I had to. For my sanity and for settling the possibility of a what if in my life, I had to.

Now, I am happy and successfully chasing my dreams. I am nowhere near reaching my goals yet but the passion I have for it will carry me and will keep me from burning out.

All this to say, don’t let anyone tell you that you have to do what society has pinned as “right”. There is no “right time” to finish college or to get engaged/married, or to change careers even. Life is different and exquisitely beautiful for everyone because we are all different. It would be so incredibly boring if we were all the same.

That’s all for now loves.

As Always,



Cover Image Credit: B.G.

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