Where Did The Time Go?

Where Did The Time Go?

So, 2007 wasn't three years ago, it was ten.

So, 2005 wasn't actually five years ago like it feels like, it was twelve. Heelys came out in 2002. Hannah Montana aired in 2006. Are you still breathing?

The Disney princesses are old news. Every "kid" was born after the 1990's, only reading about life events like 9/11, or hurricane Katrina. Your younger siblings are no longer in elementary school. They are freshman in high school, playing on your old basketball team, and walking the halls like they own the place.

Going on social media is no longer just filled with friends pictures from college and high school. There are now status's of the internships and job offers people have accepted, study abroad announcements, and even engagements. Its exciting, going out in the real world, but also incredibly scary. There are no Thanksgiving breaks, Spring break trips with your large group of friends. Feeling safe in the confines of your childhood home.

But then again doesn't that excite you. Moving into an apartment from my freshman year dorm was one of the most exciting things. Not only do you have your own space, the excitement of living on your own, but the feeling of independence is oh so real. Costco isn't as exciting anymore without the real need for bulk size Ramen Noodles and Kraft Easy Mac. But the real best part, is your ice maker. Real, live, ice cubes, no more room temperature water for you!

College courses are no longer general education classes, they're classes that actually apply to you, crazy right? Internships are no longer mandated by your parents, you actually want to put yourself out in the work force. To dip your feet in the water of business, marketing, or whatever your heart desires before you dive in head first.

Going back home for the holidays is now a combination of "I missed you" and "clean up your room", "why are you out so late?". That's when independence feels the best. When you know how to live on your own, your mom's worrisome nagging is just plain annoying, and you know right from wrong... for the most part.

Seeing friends graduate and leave is always sad. Losing touch with old friends becomes a norm, but its the scary part of growing up. Everyone is taking life by the reins, no longer a backseat driver with their parents directing the destination. So I guess hold on tight?

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11 Things You Need To Know About The Girl Who naps A lOT

"Sorry, I was sleeping. What's up?"


Most people will never understand how we take naps almost every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. Truthfully, we don't know either. What we do know, however, is that we need naps to function... almost like a preschooler. Here are 11 things you should know about the girl (or boy) who naps a lot.

1. We can wake up from a nap just to turn around and take another nap.

2. When we don't respond to your texts/messages/calls, we're probably napping.

3. We believe napping solves everything... because it does.

4. We don't always sleep because we're depressed.

Or maybe we do.

5. Naps are how we function.

Sometimes with caffeine as well.

6. We sometimes have a napping schedule.

And if that schedule is interrupted, boy, are you in trouble.

7. And said napping schedule gets in the way of our actual sleeping schedule.

The 1-hour nap we said we were going to take often turns into 3-4 hour naps and when we wake up, it's pitch black and we don't even know what time it is or where we are.

8. When we wake up in the morning, we already look forward to our nap of that day.

9. "Sorry I have plans" usually means we have a planned nap.

10. Any emotion can be cured with a nap.

Are you angry? Sad? Nervous? Sleepy? Take a nap.

11. We don't understand how we hated preschool nap time either.

A mandatory 1-hour nap in the middle of the day? Why don't they have that in college when we really need it?

Cover Image Credit:

Vladislav Muslakov/Unsplash

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Internships Can Really Teach You More Than Just Career Choices

Internships can do more than you think.


As long as I can remember I have been told by professors to get an internship. No company would hire me without an internship. Everything came full circle though because if you wanted an internship you needed experience but you couldn't get experience if a company wouldn't give you a chance. This summed up the internship search pretty well for me when I started looking for experience at 19. No matter the jobs I did or the groups I was apart of I always learned something that could be applied to internships and jobs. But it took my first true internship to teach me the important lessons.

Here are five things that internships can teach you:

1. What you want to do as a career

When I chose my internship I didn't choose it based on what I wanted to do after college but as a way of making me stick out to future employers. That is what I consider a huge mistake. When you choose an internship you need to choose something that you can wake up every morning and while you might not have an idea of what you want to do look at it the way you would look at the classes you take.

2. Who you work best with

I act one way around certain people and another around others. When I show up at work I am as quiet as possible and hope nobody calls on me or asks me questions. This has helped me realize who I work best with. Whenever I go out to market or do sales calls I observe and speak some while the person I work with does some of the talking. When working you realize who you can fit with and in a case of marketing or sales sometimes it is good to have someone with different qualities than you.

3. Sometimes it is better to do an internship in an area you know

We all will eventually start our career and move somewhere new to us. Before we move work in a place you know. I chose to stay in Tuscaloosa and work and I got to see parts of Tuscaloosa I haven't seen before. You learn more about your city from when you're one of the few college students there rather than when you're in town for school.

4. It is ok to get a part-time job

College students need money. The first month of summer I didn't have too much money to my name and saw myself trying to spend as little money I had as possible. I decided to get involved in any way to make extra money to support myself until I got paid. While it does stress me out sometimes it is ok to get a second job. When you provide for yourself you need to know what to do to be successful.

5. Some internships can lead to your dream career

While working I took on the role of being a sports journalist for my favorite football team. While I was doing double duty I also got to accomplish something I was passionate about and prepare me for the future. Sometimes the careers we want can be found by doing the extra work.

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Flickr Creative Commons

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