6 Stores I Shop While In College

6 Stores I Shop While In College, According To My Packages In The Mailroom

college=shopping on a budget

Sarah Fetter

Over the years, I have found that online shopping is far more convenient than going in stores. There are pros and cons to both, and while I don't necessarily prefer one over the other, I do enjoy the thought of mindless browsing on clothing apps.

Without further ado, here is my list of online stores familiar to my mail room!

1. Fashion Nova

Sarah Fetter

Don't even get me started on Fashion Nova. I bought one pair of skinny jeans there, and ever since then I was hooked. I've never gotten something I hated. I only made one return, and that was when I bought the wrong jean size and needed to exchange. Everything fits like a glove, the jeans have amazing stretch and cute details, and they're always hitting my phone up with coupons.

Their clothes are stylish, fitting, and affordable. Shipping is fast and worth the price. Sometimes you have to search a little bit. The clothes are frequently knocked off of celebrity styles and gaudy streetwear, so don't feel discouraged if you pass two pages without finding anything. Something always manages to attract my eye on the site, so I just throw it in my wish-list until I get a big enough cart and can apply a coupon.

Both bodysuit and jeans are Fashion Nova.

2. Shein

Sarah Fetter

I love Shein US. Although I believe the brand is based in China and is mass-produced, the clothing is so cheap and so cute. I find all my bathing suits on Shein. I also find cute rompers sometimes, or even a bodysuit or two. I often use this site to find cheap nightlife clothes, like things to go to parties in. Because of my reckless browsing, I have a whole drawer in my dorm full dedicated to party tops. It's kiiiind of a problem.

I love the site for it's effortless shopping experience. I normally know what size I am because I've shopped here for so long, but if I ever get worried I make sure to check the reviews/comments. I never buy anything that hasn't been reviewed. Pictures always help me make my decision too.

***It is important to understand that with these sites, the pictures are not always telling of the quality you will receive in person. Cheap prices are often an indication of poorer quality, as well. Read reviews, make thoughtful decisions, and if necessary, return it or sell it online.***

Bikini separates from Shein

3. boohoo

Sarah Fetter

I love boohoo, but sometimes they are overpriced. They have pretty decent shipping speed, maybe like a day slower than Fashion Nova. Sometimes they run sitewide 50% off sales, and I go crazy and spend a fortune on--you guessed it--unnecessary party tops. The styles are super cute, but sometimes I see styles similar to Fashion Nova (I see you...), so who's copying whom?

This skirt in particular is so cute. The material isn't near as stretchy as a very similar skirt I bought from Fashion Nova, but the quality is almost equivalent to something from American Eagle or whatever. Basically, it's a very high quality skirt. I bought it on sale, I think for $12 plus shipping. Flattering, hugs the curves, snatches the waits, ACTUALLY ZIPS, makes the booty look cute. 10/10 experience

Top from Fashion Nova | Skirt from boohoo

4. Romwe

Sarah Fetter

Wow, this is a gross picture of me.

Anyway, I discovered Romwe a while ago, bought this outfit, stopped online shopping for a while to save money, and picked back up on the site again recently. I enjoy shopping on their website because it is simple and organized. The clothes are cute. Again, this is a China-based company, so watch what you order. I haven't had disappointments from the outfit I bought from them, shown above.

They are pretty true to size. I think this outfit was super flattering, but I can't wear it anymore as I've gained weight since moving into college hehe.

I've gotten tons of compliments on the pants, so I'd say it's a win for me.

Top and pants from Romwe

5. Missguided

Sarah Fetter

I've only had a few experiences with Missguided, but I've never been disappointed. They run a lot of sales and have a cute app layout to shop on. I loved these shorts for the Astroworld concert in December. They fit the theme so well in my opinion, were super flattering, and got me lots of compliments. Even the stage lights reflected off the sequins, which I thought would have been cheaper quality.

I like the website for the stylish clothes. You have to watch yourself on there, though, because sometimes prices are pretty steep for me (as a broke college student, though). Shipping is timely. I think I ordered these shorts three weeks before the concert and got them about a week later.

Shorts from Missguided | Top handmade

6. I also shop on the Sephora, Amazon, Redbubble, Poshmark, Victoria's Secret, and American Eagle/Aerie apps and get everything sent to my dorm. 

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