Where Did Turkey Day Go?
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Where Did Turkey Day Go?

On my calender, there are two months between Halloween and Christmas.

Where Did Turkey Day Go?

It is a conspiracy.

As soon as the clock strikes November 1st, every store explodes with green and red and gold. It has been creeping up on us for months, this slightly extra-looking isle full of Christmas cheer. For about four months, we have been glancing at it in our peripheral vision as we push our basket towards check out. But not on the first of NOVEMBER. We stop dead in our tracks and realize that one puny isle has turned into an ENTIRE SECTOR OF OUR GROCERY STORE.

If we look really hard, we can find the aisle full of Turkey Day cheer. Like in the back. Covered in cobwebs.

By November 2nd, there are already hundreds of winter wonderland ads. And by November 3rd, most people on Instagram have posted a Christmas-y picture.

Instead of hearing gratitude and thankfulness, I hear people's wallet's screaming in preparation for black Friday. I hear people complain about having to spend time with their crazy uncle Steve. And I hear stomaches prepping for battle against turkey and stuffing and pie.

If there is a SLIGHT breeze, everyone puts on their parka and favorite Christmas mittens. A seasonal fire is created at every opportunity. Forty-five-year-old women have started "pinteresting" their ideal Christmas party ideas. Children's minds are filled with false expectation.

On the holiday that represents unity and good cheer, everyone is preoccupied with plans, fears, and independent ventures for their future. People pull apart just when they should be coming together. And before the radios start playing Christmas music, if they already have not, I challenge us to stay present, fight fears, and love one another.

I petition America to actually offer up some Thanksgiving, because we never know what tomorow may bring.

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