You always think of home as somewhere you feel safe, somewhere you feel at "home". But what happens whenever your home is totally turned upside down? Whenever you said bye without knowing that it was actually goodbye? It's confusing but one thing is for sure: it hurts.

It's okay to be upset. It's okay to cry until you don't think you can't anymore. It's okay to not know how to feel. It's okay to question why God took someone away. It's okay to wonder where you go on from here. It's okay to be absolutely livid at the world. And you're right, it isn't fair. It's confusing, it hurts and it isn't fair. Losing someone you love is never fair.

But in reality, they aren't 'lost'. They live on through the silly stories you tell each other at school about them. They live on whenever you think of them when you have their favorite food. They live on whenever you simply look through pictures and reminisce on countless memories.

Their presence doesn't have to stop once they pass, you can always carry them through life. Life doesn't stop whenever your pain begins and it sucks. You'll always miss them dearly, I don't think that will ever get easier. But think about the good times, the silly times, the crazy times, the amazing times. And know that even though you didn't get to say goodbye, one day you'll be able to say hello again.

To the family & friends of Kaleb Veasman, I'm so very sorry for your loss. It hurts to see my hometown mourning this tragedy.