When you want to speak up but you feel like you can’t.
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When It's Time to Talk About It

How to know when you need to speak up about your struggles.

When It's Time to Talk About It

I know we've all heard the saying, "it's okay not to be okay." But sometimes it just doesn't feel that easy. There's a fear that comes with bringing it up, whatever it is, in general. We want someone to know because it needs to be talked about, but speaking about it would mean that person is worrying, and that's a whole different issue to deal with.

If you can relate to this at all, I'd like to start by saying this: Stop worrying about other people. This is about you. Everyone else will be okay. Also, you don't have to spill your guts every time. I feel like there is this weird pressure that is attached to opening up. We think that we have to give every little detail about everything. Just say what you're comfortable with sharing. If more comes out, then that's great. If you're still processing your feelings yourself, that's okay.

While I don't think it's healthy to bring our issues to every single person in our lives, there's something to be said about the positive effects of verbal processing with one or two trusted people. There's also a lot at risk when we decide to hold it all in.

The worst is when we lash out at the people we love, especially the ones that we want to tell why we're having a hard time in the first place. I know that I even start to get angry at that person, as if they should somehow already know I'm struggling, also though I haven't said anything to them about it. Now an entirely separate issue has been created.

I usually know it's time to talk to someone about what's on my mind when it won't seem to leave my mind. If a thought starts to become a distraction, it needs to exit my mind and be out in the open. I do this because honestly, I don't trust myself to think soberly on some topics. Unfortunately, my mind has the power to deceive. I am just thankful for wise people that I believe in pulling me back into right thinking.

I can become so fixated on a thought, and convince myself that whatever I'm thinking is right. Then, once the words leave my mouth, I want to grab them from out of the air before they land on my confidante's ears. Fortunately, she has my back at all times and would not judge me for my thoughts. In the end, I'm always happy it's out there so that she can help me redirect my thinking. We need each other for that.

It's said often in the Christian community, "you're not meant to do life alone." I believe this completely. I'm just directly in need of other people. I'm glad other people need me, too. We're in this together, so don't be afraid to share what you're going through. Who knows, you might help someone else out, too.

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