For the past 9 months, I have gotten the opportunity to live as an only child. My little sister was off at college and I was off to live as the number one priority. Now that Emma is home the whole mojo of the house is thrown off. It took us time to adjust to 3 people living in the house, and just as we get in a routine, Emma has to come home. Here is a list of 4 realizations that occur when a sibling moves home for the summer:

  1. Another mouth to feed...
    1. For the past 9 months, my parents and I have only had to worry about making three meals or we could manage to scrounge around a meal for ourselves. But now with Emma home, we have to worry about making another meal. When a meal isn't prepared, she is the first one to complain.
  2. Where the hell does the TP go?
    1. Let me tell you about a little experiment I did. I purchased a 12 pack of toilet paper and made sure to track how long it lasted with just my parents and me. The twelve rolls lasted in the bathroom for 2 weeks. This means we are not even using a roll a day. I bought a 4 pack of toilet paper once Emma was home. The FOUR rolls of toilet paper lasted for TWO days. That means TWO ROLLS are being used in one day.I am very concerned as to where all the toilet paper is going. Is Emma eating it? Or is there another problem I should be worrying about?
  3. Get out my way!
    1. My mom and I had a routine for mornings. I knew what time she had to be up for work and she knew what time I needed to be up for class. I knew I had to shower the night before or have my shower done by 7:15 am. If I woke up any later than 7:08 am I knew I was not going to be showering that morning. Now that Emma is home, the whole morning schedule has to be rearranged. Just this morning there was a full out brawl between Emma and my mom and I bolted to the bathroom. Then I was trying to apply makeup in the second bathroom, Emma was showering in the other bathroom, and my mom was blow drying her hair in the kitchen. Emma needs to learn the schedule or be able to take my mom in a fist fight if she ever wants to have any hot water!
  4. Locked out!
    1. My dad has always been in charge of locking the doors and turning out the lights. For the past nine months, he has only had to worry about my mother and I being home before locking the door. Well, recently he forgot about the other daughter being home. So...he locked the door and Emma was still out with her friends. Emma rolls home a little after midnight to a dark walkway and locked door. The dogs are barking and Emma is blowing up all of our phones. Eventually she gets in, and hopefully my dad can remember she is home.