England. Italy. France. New Zealand. All of the states west of Missouri. Like many, I want to travel. I want to go all over the world and explore different cultures and places. I've never been out of the country. I've been in an airplane once in my life. Also, I've been and driven through most of the states from Michigan down to Florida along the east coast. It sounds boring, right? I hear all of the time people going on cruises, going to Mexico or the Bahamas. When I'm just stuck here in Michigan basically because I'm a broke college student.

Right now I'm working two jobs, an internship and I'm taking classes. I need the money for rent, electric bills and basically just to live. I also just bought myself a new car because my other one was going to give out on me and it was too dangerous to drive anymore. I save money but not enough to go on an exotic trip somewhere. My parents don't take vacations mostly because my brother and I are older, and the amount of time they would need off is a lot with where they work.

I wanna swim in the ocean! I've had my feet in the water, but I've never swam in it. I wanna see all of the architecture that Italy built. I wanna see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I wanna go to the Buckingham Palace in England. They teach us all about the history of the United States in school, so I find history from other countries way more interesting. I've always been in love with history and art. What makes me mad is that college students go to those places to get drunk, and party.

I've always wondered how college students, like me, can afford to go to places like the Bahamas or Mexico. I understand they may have saved the money, however, most of the time I've found that their parents pay for it. That makes me frustrated mostly because we're not supposed to be dependent on money from our parents. Not in that situation anyways. What's going to happen when they're older and want to go on vacation like that? They're going to have to fend for the money themselves.

This past spring break I saved my money and some of my friends and I went to Myrtle Beach. The vacation was so much more satisfying because I paid for it on my own. I didn't ask for money from my parents or anyone else. I paid for it by myself. The beach was nice and so was the weather. It just made the whole trip worth it. Plus, I got to ride in an airplane for the first time! I want to be able to do more trips like that one. Just to leave Michigan, in general, is nice sometimes. A lot of other people from other countries want to come here, but I wanna see how great the world is outside of the United States.