I recently had the pleasure of going to visit my best friend in Vermont!

Every single thing in Vermont is beautiful and there are so many adventures you can take so here are a few places you have to check out while you are there.

1. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory


The Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory was one of my absolute favorite locations! I love ice cream so much and Ben and Jerry's is obviously the superior brand over others. It was so cool to see how the ice cream was made and all of the complexities that go behind making producing it and the flavor making process. There is even a little graveyard in the back with all the past flavors that have been discontinued. It really is such a fun time for all!

2. Rum Runner's Hideaway


For this one I would suggest going during a warmer day where you know you can have some fun in the sun. This is a place where you can get in some pool floats and swim around in the lake while looking at a beautiful scenic view. There are plenty of different things to do in the water such as paddle boarding and water trampolines! You will have endless fun at Rum Runner's Hideaway.

3. Stowe Mountainside


There are plenty of places to hike and look at the beautiful mountainside landscape. One of my favorites though had to be the lush green mountainside in Stowe, Vermont. It was an incredible hike and we even found some rocky caves to take our fake band cover album art.

4. Trapp Family Lodge


If you are a huge fan of The Sound Of Music then you have to see where the movie location was based off of. This is a beautiful lodge that the Von Trapp Family Lodge is based off of. On the other side there is a beautiful view that you will never forget! This is a must see location!

5. Downtown Burlington Vermont


Downtown Burlington Vermont is full of good shopping and good eats. I added a picture of one of my favorite spots that I saw while I was visiting there which had to be this incredibly detailed mural. I stood there and stared at all the historical and pop culture references for s long that my friends were begging to leave. It truly is a sight to see. Other than that the rest of downtown Burlington is so much fun!

In conclusion, everyone needs to visit Vermont at least once or if you are already planning a trip try to find some time to stop at at least one of these great stops.