When You Have A Bad Day

Last week really sucked; I was exhausted, stressed, a little sick, and the results of the election didn't help. I started to write a political piece but realized I didn't want to. Plenty of people have already published what I have been thinking. I've written enough articles about how burned out I am over school work, and writing about time management skills would be a little hypocritical at this point. As I mulled over about what to write about, I thought about one of the few happy moments from my week. On Thursday, I got to hold a puppy. It fell asleep in my arms (which almost brought me to tears), and for those few minutes, I was insanely happy. My spirits were lifted for a few hours (until my Internet went out the night before a paper was due), and I forgot all about how terrible my week had been going. So, to everyone having a bad day or a bad week, here are some puppies.

1. Same, puppy. Same.

This is how I felt all week, but I have a feeling this puppy looks a lot cuter than I did.

2. Puddle puppy


3. Puppy in a cup

"Puppy.... in a.... cup" *cries*

4. Dalmatian puppy

I would like 101 of these, please.

5. Christmas puppy

Can you imagine waking up to this sleeping under the tree?

6. Teddy bear puppy

I just fell in love so fast.

7. Basset Hound puppy

Those ears...

8. Overwhelmed puppy

Getting used to that guide dog harness is hard.

9. Excited puppy

It looks so happy.

10. Sleepy puppy

So precious.

11. Puppy with a friend

My heart.

12. Puppy with a stick

I feel so proud.

13. Multiple puppies

What's better than one puppy? Five puppies.

14. Puppy on a walk

Places to go, people to see.

15. Corgi puppy

Wow, my mood is so much better now.

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