When we were in high school, we were constantly asked to find a college and declare a major. This is always an extremely difficult decision, and I feel like it is easy to rush into declaring a major. Because of this, it is common for college students to change their majors often. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this because students will realize their true passions. I personally never changed my major, but I know that feeling when you choose the major that you know is right for you.

When you are studying a major that you know is right for you, there is an immense amount of joy. You go to your classes filled with joy because you get to study exactly what you love. I have no doubt in my mind that music education is the right major for me. I simply cannot major in general music, or just middle grades education. Specifically music education is my calling. I feel immense joy when I am in my education classes and I relate what I am learning to a middle school chorus class. I feel joy when I am in my voice lessons and I am working on my solos. I feel joy when something in my voice lessons clicks and I see improvement in my own performance. I feel joy when I am creating my lesson plan that I will one day use with my future 6th grade chorus students.

When you are in the right major, you feel accomplished, but you are also aware of improvements that are needed. My primary instrument is voice, and when I listen to recordings of myself from a performance, I recognize my strengths. I recognize that I have accomplished so much in my vocal development, and I also recognize areas where I need some improvement. This is also true on the educator aspect of my studies. In my short time, I feel that I have learned so much about how to be an educator in my short time here.

I am always full of gratitude. I feel like one of the biggest indicators of being in the right major is your amount of gratitude that you have towards your work. I am always thankful for the music department and the immense amount of growth that I have experienced while being here. I always find myself to be very thankful of music and of teachers in general. It consumes my entire life and I love it very much.