What To Expect When You Date A Farmer's Daughter

What To Expect When You Date A Farmer's Daughter

Be prepared for a little attitude and a whole lot of sass.


Dating is never easy, but dating a farmer's daughter? Now that's a force to be reckoned with. She's a ray of sunshine and the worst storm. She's confident and stubborn. She's loyal and she's rooted. She is the voice of reason and your best adventure. No matter how many women you have dated, a farmgirl will be a whole new experience and challenge to keep up with her strong will, witty personality, and work ethic unlike no other. Dating a farmgirl is not easy and takes a strong mind to successfully win them over...but if you are one of the few, it will be the greatest experience of your life. Here are 16 tips of what to expect:

1. Don’t expect to see her during harvest months.

Unless you’re willing to ride in a combine/tractor cab for your date night.

2. Don’t expect a perfect golden tan.

A “farmer’s tan” perhaps. (farmer’s tan, noun: A tan on only the arms and neck of a person due to clothing covering body everywhere else.)

3. And don’t be surprised if we try extreme measures to correct said tan.

Because let’s face it…tan lines are so annoying.

4. Having a heart for animals is a must.

Puppies and kittens don’t even scratch the surface of a farmgirl’s love for furry friends. Calves, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and so much more.

5. Yes, our dad (or sister) owns a shotgun and yes, they will try to intimidate you by leaving it out.

Or wait by the door with it if you don’t get us home by curfew (or break our heart).

6. Soft hands? Sorry, you won’t find them here.

Long hours pulling rye, fixing fence, and tagging calves cause too may calluses.

7.Don’t’ worry, we have your flat tire handled.

But we appreciate your help in handing us tools.

8. We may not mind getting dirty at work, but give us a brush and a little lipstick and we can clean up real nice.

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

9. Just don’t expect heels all the time.

Nine times out of 10 we will be wearing our boots.

10. Despite first impressions, we do have fashion sense.

We just bring it out on special occasions.

11. You’re more likely to find us walking our steer than our dog.

I mean they’re basically the same thing….just one is about 1100 pounds heavier.

12. You better have a strong work ethic.

Because we’ve been raised to outwork the best of them and we can’t stand laziness.

13. We may be stubborn, but you will never find anyone who is more loyal than us.

It also means we won’t give up on you easily.

14. Family is everything.

And if mama doesn’t approve…you’re screwed.

15. Feel free to take the wheel in the combine or tractor.

Just be ready for us to point out the flaws in your methods.

16. We’re fearless.

There’s no job too dirty…and this is a mild chore.

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