When There's No Spark
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When There's No Spark

Not every story ends in love.

When There's No Spark

So you go on tinder. You match with a boy.

You are pulled along into a group date. They leave you alone.

Your friend knows a guy. She forces you to go on a date.

The night is coming to a close. He gave you his jacket earlier and wants you to keep it 'till the next time. But you want to give it back.

How do you politely, oh so politely decline him? Or do you? Do you go on another date? I mean after all, he was...nice.

You have reached this pivital moment where there could be a spark. Or there couldn't be. It's just not happening. Do you give it time or go on with your life? You don't want to lead him on, but you don't want to lose a friend.

These are dangerous waters to wade in. Yeah, the guy has pressure to ask the girl out. But nobody talks about the pressure the girl faces when she has to cut things off.

You aren't alone in this struggle. You don't want to settle, but you don't want to preimptively jump ship.

Favorably, time almost inevitably heals this kind of stuff. Best advice I can give, BE HONEST. A boy does not want to be strung along, and he will be more likely to forgive you with a quick explanation over a two month long ordeal.

Letting down another human sucks. The reason being that we, as fellow humans, know how it feels to be rejected. Being honest, receptive, and polite, will serve you the best in the long run.

Keep a smile on your face, trust in yourself, let go. Moving on will come naturally.

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