When the Superbowl Says "Them"
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When the Superbowl Says "Them"

For myself I hope this continues as representation is where I find hope in the future of this world I call home.

When the Superbowl Says "Them"

The Superbowl always brings interesting commercials as it is one of the largest viewed sporting games in America. Some people only watch the Superbowl for the commercials. I found something interesting in those commercials that I have not seen everywhere and was so small to happen but I feel a huge impact.

Coca Cola had a commercial about how there is a coke for everyone and within the commercial they try to highlight that everyone is unique. What was something new I think they touched on and I haven't seen before is the use of the word "them." The commercial starts off with "There's a coke for he, and she, and her, and me, and them, theres a different coke for all of us." Why I think this is so important is because not everyone identifies underneath our binary system of gender for men and women. There's a whole spectrum of gender out there that so many people identify under besides man or woman. In language this has been seen by individuals using they/them instead of he/she, him/her. A movement towards gender neutral language.

In the media I have seen growth in the representation of the LGBTQ+ community but this was a new frontier in which they used specific pronouns in order to build up to using the word them. This gave a representation to a marginalized group on a huge platform that may not have been heard by everyone but meant a lot to those who heard it.

For myself I hope this continues as representation is where I find hope in the future of this world I call home. Every rainbow, every symbol of pride, every challenge within gender and sexuality I find hope for a better tomorrow.

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