If you have been on the internet lately, you've probably noticed the really simple memes that are literally just a white background with straight sass written in an Arial font. Sometimes there is even a picture included. I've decided they perfectly sum up just about every situation I face in life. So, without further ado, here's a laugh:

1. They understand the important fashion trends of today

2. They totally get that mid-semester panic

3. They are sensitive to the intricacies of ordering at Starbucks and workplace sexual harassment all at once

4. They bring childhood life lessons into adulthood smoothly

5. Okay, they really just get how tough November is

6. They obviously have deep understanding of what it's like to hang out with girls during the before-we-go-out-photography-session ritual

7. They're really good at seeing past your bullshit

8. They know what it's like to be a zombie by day but be ready to take on the world by night.

9. They empathize with those of us who just aren't morning people

10. They're really good at explaining facts with historical accuracy

11. They know how impossible it is to dress yourself in .4 seconds, but it was worth it to stay in bed for a few extra minutes

12. They totally get what it's like to be possessed by food when you're starving

13. They celebrate the holidays we all wish were on everyone's calendar

14. They speak the truth no one wants to admit

15. They know what it's like to want to be helpful but also not liable

16. They have brought awkward questions from your relatives into the 21st century

17. They recognize how hard it is to function

18. They understand generational differences

19. They know the pain of socially awkward situations

20. They know the faith of food is so important

21. They provide the best devious life advice

22. They understand how far the Target addiction can go

23. They value the post-work alone time

24. They understand the whole you

25. They have woken up on a Saturday morning before

26. They also call their Mom still when you try and fill out at W-4 form because even Google isn't be helpful explaining it to you

27. They understand the horrors of modern beauty ideals

28. They know the dread of Monday that you feel basically all day on Sunday

29. They know when to just let Mom have her moment

30. They call out girls who wish others a "Happy Birthday" by launching into an unwarranted yearbook note

31. They too are confused by how smartphones can be so stupid

32. And most importantly, they too had this thought