It's hard when you've planned something for so long, only to see it crumble under the weight of reality.

It's difficult when you dream about something for so long, never to see it come to fruition.

It's hard when you pray for so long that God would open a door, and He closes it shortly thereafter.

I started my freshman year of college as a journalism major. Now, I am pursuing professional writing with a minor in business, and I'm contemplating getting a minor in art (with an emphasis on photography).

I started the year with different relationships than I have now.

I thought I had it all figured out when I came to college. I thought I had my life planned out.

But looking back, it's crazy how much has changed in a year.

There's still so much that could and probably will change. I'm only human.

In this season of life, a lot of things haven't quite panned out in the way I would have liked.

I've been carrying around a lot of hurt and discouragement.

I've spent a lot of tearful nights asking and pleading with God.

I can't help but feel lost and confused all at once.

But God...

That's my favorite phrase because it means He is not finished yet. I have to believe the Lord is still working in my life, that His plan is better than anything I'd dare to hope for or dream of for myself.

So, I hope this article serves as an encouragement to all those feeling a little lost right now. Rest in Jesus, because He's the only one who remains unchanged amidst all the chaos.