When Leaders Struggle

Everyone struggles. Struggles come in different forms and at different times in our lives. Struggles can be physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, and many more. These hard times seem to always hit us while we’re down and we get used to that, but what an out when they hit us while we’re up?

People tend to forget that everyone is human. Your teachers, bosses, pastors, celebrities, yes everyone, is human. That means not only do we all fall short, we also all have problems and struggles. To those of you in leadership, I’d like to pose a question, “is it different to deal with struggles when you are being looked upon as a leader?” YES!

When you are a leader you have to maintain composure. You cannot sink into a hole to sulk in your own sadness, but instead you have to deal with it and still function.

This does not mean you have to hide your struggles from those that follow you. You can use them to lead by example. If you are struggling spiritually and you are a church leader you can easily show those who follow you that even those who are saved and are in those leadership positions need prayer and need God to help them I n their struggles.

So leaders that are going through tough times I say bare with it and keep on keeping on. We need you and we need your struggles- they make for good lessons later!

Here are some ways to easily deal with struggles when being a leader!

1. Find the source of the problem and try to remove it from your life.

Whether this source is a person or a habit you still need to help yourself and get rid of it. You are influenced by your surroundings so support yourself with positive surroundings.

2. Relax.

Go off by yourself for a short period of time and relax.

Especially if your struggle is due to street you want to make sure you are not exhausting yourself. Relax with a movie or a sport.

3. Be upfront with those that look up to and love you.

It takes one sentence, “I’ve hit a rough patch, but I am going to get through it.” Then people around you don’t want you to build your walls up, they want you to be honest with them. If you are open with you they will be open with them.

4. Make progress.

Work on yourself. Overcome your problems and share your success to those you lead. They will draw positively from the story when they are in a situation of their own.

Just remember you will get through this. Don't quit. You are a leader and you are being tried, but you can use this to become stronger.

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