Since I can remember, I’ve been going on a lake, a river, or the nearest pond to go fishing. One of the first memories I have is of me going fishing with my dad at our cabin and since then, I’ve been a girl who loves fishing. It’s been the thing that brings me many memories with my dad. It’s been the thing that I do to clear my head. It’s been the thing that I share with my family. It’s been the one thing I’ve continued on with since I made my first cast. I’ve gone through many passions in my life, but fishing has been that thing that I’ve done since I was little and I will continue doing even when I have my own kids one day. But if it’s the one thing I realized the most about fishing, it’s more than fishing. When you give someone a fishing pole, you give them more than a newly learned passion.

When you’re about 4 years old, staying still is not possible. You’re constantly wanting to find a new adventure and see what you can and cannot do. But fishing gives you something to do while giving you patience. Fishing is a constant waiting game. Catching a fish doesn’t always take one cast and one reel in. It can take hundreds of casts before you get a fish or it can take just a few. On those days where the fish aren’t biting, you learn patience is your best friend. Just when you want to give up, you’ll get a bite. Fishing has taught me patience at a young age where I couldn’t grasp the idea of patience.

This may sound silly, but fishing has also taught me that if you’re doing something amazing, take pictures. Because if you don’t take pictures and have them for proof, no one will believe you. You can struggle with this big fish that almost brought you out of your boat, but if you don’t bring that fish up and snap a photo, no one will believe. I’ve also learned to buy a waterproof camera for these times because phones can drop into the water when you’re not paying attention. Show off those great adventures of fishing with proof. Because if you don’t, your grand adventure will just be categorized as another silly “fishing story”.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from fishing is to take a moment to soak in the beautiful nature surrounding me. Fishing brings silence even at times when you go with a group of people. In those times, I’ve learned to enjoy the silence and savor the sight of the still water, the sun shining over the water, the sound of the birds chirping, and the feel of that slight breeze. This planet is so beautiful and with busy lives, we forget how breathtaking it truly is. We neglect the beauty while we should be giving it more attention. Fishing has taught me to take in the silence, enjoy it, and love what is around you. It has taught me that life can be simple if you just take a moment and relax.

Fishing has taught me so much, but most importantly it has brought me the best of memories. It has given me precious time with my dad. It has given me patience, love of the simple things, the constant reminder to take photos of amazing things, and to overall enjoy the great outdoors. My dad passed on a passion of his that he got from his family and I hope to do the same for my kids one day. But in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy fishing with the people I love and improve on something that I’ve come to love. When you give someone a fishing pole, you give them the catch of their life.