Books are amazing. They are real and honest and extraordinary. Not many people read these days. But I do. And I am here to say that when you give a girl a book, something changes. A whole new world is opened to her. A world she will never want to leave.

When you give a girl a book, she will immerse herself amongst the words. She will be catapulted into a new world that is far beyond reality. She will meet new characters and most likely helplessly fall in love with some of them. She might even fall in love with idea of them, that maybe there is someone out there who is like that character. Maybe there is hope in this crazy world. If someone can dream it, then surely there must be some truth to it.

When you give a girl a book, you are giving her knowledge. She will learn and yearn for those loving words that the books produce. She will become a powerful weapon. Be careful of a girl who loves books, as she has many ideas roaming through her head and many emotions to show. But she is also unique and amazing and daring because of it. She has now been through everything with these characters and not only are the characters stronger for the conflicts they have endured, but she has, too. She stuck with them until the end. She understood them and loved them and cared for them. She saw herself in them.

When you give a girl a book, you are giving her hope. Words are powerful. They can be manipulated into anything and everything, with every meaning possible. They can create emotion like happiness and heartache and pain. She will go through these emotions as she reads. It’s a rollercoaster, but she will never be able to get enough. It’s a high she will never want to come down from. Book after book, emotion after emotion, she will be filled with adventure and awe and love and every other feeling you can possibly think of.

When you give a girl a book, you are giving her another life. Many lives, to be exact. A life of adventure. A life of love. A life of mystery. A life of horror. Any life you can possibly think of. She will voluntarily and happily go from one life to the next in hopes to successfully finish that adventure. To meet those characters and love them and understand them, because that is now what she does best. And when you give that girl a book, you give her the chance to dream. The chance to love. The chance to hope. And that means so much to her. More than you can possibly imagine.