When I was younger, I used to wish on every star for a sister. All my friends had sisters, I wanted one too. I didn't care if she was younger, I just wanted a girl companion. All I had were three older brothers. Because of them I lived my childhood at the baseball park and over hearing Dragon Ball Z, but I also had to sit in my room by myself when they left to ride bikes or play basketball. It didn't take long for me, however to realize I could always get girl friends, but having an older brother (or three) is something to be thankful for. Here is a little list I came up with about what happens when you give a girl a big brother.

1. You become a mix of them.

I have learned so much of who I am in who my brothers are. I am an accumulation of them. It's uncanny. I have one's dedication and drive, one's humor and passionate heart, and one's love of down time and music.

2. You latch on to certain memories that stay for a lifetime.

I remember certain things from certain times with each brother. From being carried to my room because I sprained my ankle to having a blanket draped across me when falling asleep. From being asked to play guitar to pass the time to laughing so hard I cried (multiple times).

3. You never grow up.

It's interesting knowing that in their eyes, I will always be a little girl. Sometimes it gets old, being looked at as fourteen for the past four years, but I'm learning to appreciate it. If I ever feel old, I'll just go give one of them a call.

4. You get constant helpers.

It's just an ask away, and they are always strangely willing to help. I almost always have a ride if an emergency occurs. If I ever leave something behind and am too tired to drive back, help is a call away. If I am without a car, but my friend needs my help, help is a call away. If I have math homework turning my brain to mush, help is a call away.

5. You see how many people pay attention when you aren't.

So many things are understood that I have never said out loud. Maybe it's a sibling thing, but they know my favorite books and drinks and artists. I'm always surprised by what they know instinctively. All I've ever known is them and all they've ever known is me. Over time, you sort of all just know each other, even when you aren't necessarily having full conversations daily.

I hope this is relatable for any other girls out there with older brothers. While growing up alters many things when it comes to siblings, from people living in different places to being extra busy with jobs and hobbies, certain things never change. I've learned so much from the men I grew up with and continue to do so. I never got a sister, but looking back, I wouldn't have changed a thing. And to my brothers, if you guys are reading this, I love each of you very much and am incredibly thankful for all that you've taught me.