Monday night at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, the crowd was treated to 3 different genres of music. From who you ask? No one other than popular punk rock band Blink 182, hip-hop artist Lil Wayne, and pop-punk band Neck Deep from the UK. So at first I looked at this lineup and I don't think I was the only one to scratch my head and ask 'why?' But after Monday night i guess things certainly turned out for the better. Neck Deep was the first band up, and at first I thought that it was weird to see them play on such a big stage like SPACs considering that they are used to playing crowds like small rooms and warped tour crowds. But the guys did a great job and the crowd definitely got a feel for them.

I was very excited for Lil Wayne for a couple reasons. Now if you're like me, you would know that Lil Wayne wasn't NOT all over the place when I was growing up. Like Blink, Lil Wayne peeked the same year as they were both approaching the mainstream audience. However, from almost most of my life Lil Wayne was all over with mixtapes, singles, and everyone's MySpace song. Yup, those were the days. Opening with 6 Foot 7 Foot, I already knew that this set was going to be one for the books. The whole performance was amazing, and it took me back to High School for sure. I think the rest of the crowd felt the same as me as everyone knew almost every single word. One thing that also took me by surprise was that Wayne played songs from his mixtape 'No Ceilings' as most Wayne fans know as a classic.

Last but not least, the band that the audience was waiting for. Now this was also a special show for two reasons. The first was that it happened to be Blink 182 Day for the band, also that the band was celebrating 20 years of their album that helped them with mainstream success 'Enema of The State'. Yes, the album with the sexy nurse on it, THAT one. They played the album all throughout from front to back. Nostalgia was in order and blink also performed other hit songs including songs from their latest album 'California'. In typical Blink fashion, the show ended with confetti and the crowd was roaring with cheers.

If there's anything to start the summer off we'll, it would be that. Overall 10/10 from everyone, and I sort of regret almost not attending due to the differences in everyone.