Don't let the added stress from gift-giving (on top of finals and travel plans) put a damper on your holiday spirit. Here are 7 perfect gifts for the 7 types of friends in your friend group. Happy holidays!

1. For Your Athletic Friend 

You know, the one who chooses to de-stress on the treadmill instead of with a bag of Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Stars on their lap watching "Victorious" reruns on Netflix? These Outdoor Voices leggings are perfect for this friend, and they're under $30 right now on Nordstrom Rack (as well as multiple other styles and colors)!

2. For Your Trendy Friend

This is the friend that brings a purse to the musty college dive bar and outshines everyone else who keeps their cash in their bras or back pockets. Add another to her collection with this adorable (not to mention highly-rated) mini purse from Urban Outfitters - on sale right now for only $29.00.

3. For Your Low-Maintenance Friend 

These adorable cheetah-printed bike shorts are perfect for the friend who hates wearing pants. Tell her she doesn't have to with these babies, and she'll love you forever. Only $25 on Aritzia.

4. For The Friend Who's Always On Vacation 

This bucket hat is unique, yet not too funky and your friend who's always in Turks and Caicos or Anguilla can wear it with almost every suit she packs! Not to mention, it will shield her beautiful face from all the sun's harmful rays. Get it for sale on Urban Outfitters now for only $19.00.

5. For Your Artsy Friend 

Society6 has everything your artsy girl needs this holiday season. This awesome poster is groovy and cool enough to spice up her apartment, bedroom, or whatever she wants. Shopping at Society6 also helps out artists around the world sell and promote their stuff!

6. For Your Eco-Friendly Friend

Although we should all be this type of friend, there's always one in the group who smacks the plastic straws out of our hands at Chipotle or never forgets their reusable bags when going to Whole Foods. This pack of three Baggu totes are perfect for this friend. I'm considering buying them for myself, honestly, that's how cute they are (imagine the envious looks at the grocery store)! Plus, they're only $25.20 on Shopbop right now.

7. For Your Skincare-Obsessed Friend 

This is the holy grail of skincare box sets from Sephora, and one that your skincare-obsessed BFF will instantly freak out over. An $120 value, it's only $40 online right now!