What's Your Why

What's Your Why

A company that gives back

How many pieces of jewelry do you own? How many of those pieces can you say give back to your favorite charities, locally or internationally? If you are like me and have loads of jewelry and love to give back then I have the perfect company for you! What's Your Why Designs was founded by Jackie Stevens, 22 and a UNC-Wilmington graduate with the help of mentor, Jenny Burnett.

Stevens was working as an intern for Burnett, who runs her own customizable jewelry company, when she decided she wanted to do something more. She played around with the idea of a company that would give back to charity with each purchase. With Burnett's guidance and mentoring a year later Stevens is now running the company and was able to actualize her dream of giving back.

"We could be selling shoelaces, but it's not about that," said Stevens. "It is about selling something we can be proud of."

The company focuses on giving back to four companies in a one year time span. The customer chooses which company they want to donate to at check out.

The 2016 companies are: Appalachia Service Project that is Christian based and dedicated to home repair in the central Appalachia area. Cure S.M.A which stands for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R) which helps fight in the extraction of child slavery, and then Nourish N.C (which Stevens herself volunteers at) that helps in fighting child hunger in North Carolina.

These charities are mostly for women and children because in the company Stevens was first apart of there were four woman that inspired her to give back.

"[What's your Why] was taking these women's sources of motivation and chose the charities that helped support them," said Stevens.

Once you have donated you can write in your "Why" and any suggestions for the next year charities.

"Your "why" is something every woman has," said Stevens. "it is the source of [your] motivation. The woman has a responsibility of holding the family together and we wanted to provide inspiration and value in their 'why.'"

With each design Stevens makes sure to add a "Y" so the customer can always remember what their personal why is.

Go check out the website here and start your Christmas shopping early. Invest in a company that will invest in you. And do not forget to join in on the conversation and add in what your "Why" is.

Cover Image Credit: Jacqualine Stevens

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Best Part Time Jobs For Students

Part-time jobs are not a fun activity


For most of the students, part-time jobs are not a fun activity that they would love doing it and wasting their precious time rather than studying but the purpose of their work in this stage of life basically relate to their need of money.

Television will have you believe that waiting tables in posh restaurants are the only jobs left available for college and University students. However, while baristas and waiters/ waitresses make excellent money, and these are, in fact, truly great and excellent choices for part time employment while you are still studying, it is not the only one.

Therefore the students, who opt for doing part-time jobs along with their studies, face difficulties in completing their tiresome assignments and essay writings. Amongst those, many of the students usually look forward to avail essay writing service UK to get a professional assistance for their assignments along with the tough schedule. 

Thinking More Out Of The Box

Here are few of the great ideas to choose from:

· Become a part-time tutor 

Don’t you think that if you are good in any one of your subjects so it is one best opportunity to earn as a part-time? After attending your own classes at the campus you can even be a peer tutor and earn a smart income with your part-time work. It doesn’t really mean that if you are a peer tutor so you first have to complete your own studies, but if you want to take this tutoring seriously and earn good revenue out from it, so it can easily be possible if you are good at any one subject which you can teach others professionally. Being a peer tutor can be one great chance of earning along with the studies. 

· Doing a job at university’s book shop 

There is no shame in doing any type of work except for begging in front of someone for money. It can be a great idea to work at your own university’s bookshop to earn as a part-time employee. Being an employee at your own university’s bookshop can be a great opportunity for you to earn in shorter space of time, as you don’t have to travel anywhere for your job after your class and in this case, your time will be safe by working at the book shop in your free hours. Now the problem is that if anything is ever becoming an obstacle on your way to get employed here for a. The best way to go about it, just go directly up to the bookshop or the administration of your university and ask about the new openings to get employed there soon. 

· Become A BabySitter 

Never to take babysitting ideas for granted. If you have never done babysitting before so you are unaware of the fun and love that you get when you are surrounded by kids and even it is one of mind relaxing activity. The continuous stress of your studies would be paying you a hard time, so you should opt for becoming a babysitter, as a baby’s innocence and love can be a true medicine to release your stress. Babysitting can also give a little space and time for your own that you can even study for your university even when you are at the workplace in such a way that when the baby is asleep so no other time can be a golden chance to study at your working hours.  So, why not to look for some great employment by babysitting near your campus?

· Work As A Teaching Assistant 

While becoming a teacher you need to be a graduate at least, teaching assistants do not responsibilities that are all that formal or extensive. The task of an assistant includes all the easy duties, such as handing out assignments, maintain attendance records or when to schedule which test. So for these easy duties it is not necessary that one should b a graduate to work as an assistant. It is also one great idea to work as a teaching assistant because you don’t need to travel any longer to reach your workplace, as you can work at your own campus to earn a handsome amount of money by fulfilling your duties. All you need to do for availing this job offer is, go directly to any of your senior professors and ask for the new openings so that you can get employed soon. 

So now it’s not that hard to do a part-time job without a degree, as you just need to be skilful and confident enough to work as a part-time employee at any of above-mentioned positions. Not let today’s work on tomorrow and go schedule your complete day in order to set the best time for your work. 


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11 Songs To Scream In Your Car

These catchy songs will never get out of your head.

Do you have a perfect playlist JUST to listen to while you're driving? If you do, great. You're already a step ahead. If you don't, listen up. If you do, or you don't, pay attention to these next songs because I assure you, you will want these on that playlist pronto. 

"Don't Hurt Yourself" by Beyoncé

Okay, this song isn't for everyone but this is the PERFECT song to scream if you're mad at someone or even for no reason. Trust me, it gets all your anger out and you feel so refreshed after. Turn that volume up!

"You Gotta Not" by Little Mix

This is for you girls that have that one guy (or girl) in your life who can't get their life together and it drives you crazy. This song will hit you right in your feels and get you screaming the words. Let me hear you!

"He Could Be the One" by Hannah Montana

To throw it back a little, I had to include this gem. This song brings back so many feelings. The whole Jesse or Jake thing had us staying up all night weighing out the pros and cons. Let's be real though, we all knew we wanted her to pick Jesse.

"Weak" by AJR

Do I even need to explain? this song? IT IS A JAM.

"Mi Gente" by J Balvin & Willy William (feat. Beyoncé)

Even if you don't know any Spanish? at all, this song will get you dancing in the driver's? seat, I promise.

"I Did Something Bad" by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift isn't the most adored artist ever but I can't help but turn up the volume whenever I hear this song. It will definitely get you moving.

"Miss You" by Louis Tomlinson

Whenever you miss someone or just want to listen to a song that hits you in the feels, this is the song to blast through your speakers. It's worth it.

"Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato

No explanation? needed.

"Wild Thoughts" by DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller

We know we just listen to this song to hear Rihanna sing those first two lines. We're all guilty. #noshame.

"Another Sad Love Song" by Khalid

This song may seem like it's not a song to scream in the car but, trust me, it is. I have been guilty of it many, many times. Anything by Khalid is something to scream in the car.

"Drag Me Down" by One Direction

Before you completely scroll past this, let me say something first! Not everyone likes One Direction. I get that, but let's be real. This song is amazing. You can't help but sing along to the chorus and you know you wish you could sing Harry's incredible riff at the end of the song as amazing as he does. Don't let One Direction fool you, turn this jam up loud and proud.


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