What's Your Why

What's Your Why

A company that gives back

How many pieces of jewelry do you own? How many of those pieces can you say give back to your favorite charities, locally or internationally? If you are like me and have loads of jewelry and love to give back then I have the perfect company for you! What's Your Why Designs was founded by Jackie Stevens, 22 and a UNC-Wilmington graduate with the help of mentor, Jenny Burnett.

Stevens was working as an intern for Burnett, who runs her own customizable jewelry company, when she decided she wanted to do something more. She played around with the idea of a company that would give back to charity with each purchase. With Burnett's guidance and mentoring a year later Stevens is now running the company and was able to actualize her dream of giving back.

"We could be selling shoelaces, but it's not about that," said Stevens. "It is about selling something we can be proud of."

The company focuses on giving back to four companies in a one year time span. The customer chooses which company they want to donate to at check out.

The 2016 companies are: Appalachia Service Project that is Christian based and dedicated to home repair in the central Appalachia area. Cure S.M.A which stands for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R) which helps fight in the extraction of child slavery, and then Nourish N.C (which Stevens herself volunteers at) that helps in fighting child hunger in North Carolina.

These charities are mostly for women and children because in the company Stevens was first apart of there were four woman that inspired her to give back.

"[What's your Why] was taking these women's sources of motivation and chose the charities that helped support them," said Stevens.

Once you have donated you can write in your "Why" and any suggestions for the next year charities.

"Your "why" is something every woman has," said Stevens. "it is the source of [your] motivation. The woman has a responsibility of holding the family together and we wanted to provide inspiration and value in their 'why.'"

With each design Stevens makes sure to add a "Y" so the customer can always remember what their personal why is.

Go check out the website here and start your Christmas shopping early. Invest in a company that will invest in you. And do not forget to join in on the conversation and add in what your "Why" is.

Cover Image Credit: Jacqualine Stevens

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Summertime Skin Care

Be nice to your skin this sweaty season!

With summer approaching, the weather seemingly enjoys creating sweaty palms and acne breakouts.

The intense heat often causes skin breakouts because sweat builds up often cause excess moisture. This excess moisture causes pesky pimples and blackheads to ruin that summer glow. With the temperatures rising, I took it upon myself to take extra care of my skin and the routines I follow.

First, I start the day off with rinsing my face with Clean and Clear Morning Burst. This lightweight face wash is perfect to clean off any excess dirt or oils that may have accumulated during your sleep. Being about $7 at your local drugstore, the morning burst is a refreshing way to start your day.

I then attempt to wear loose clothing throughout the day to prevent body breakouts. However, if I want to whip out my tight crop top to withstand the summer heat, I make sure I take cooling wipes with me wherever I go. More specifically, I use Aveeno makeup remover wipes to refresh and prevent sweat from building up. If I feel sweaty, I simply pat myself down with a makeup wipe and feel instantly cooled.

Also, I know summer brings along incredibly beach and pool days. To prevent body breakouts, I recommend not being in wet clothing for long periods of time. Much like sweat, this liquid buildup can cause terrible moisture causing blemishes to appear on your skin. Make sure to bring two towels to the beach. One for your body, and one for your face. Your face and body come into contact with different germs and using different towels can help with cleanliness.

I cannot stress the importance of sunscreen enough. However, research the sunscreen you purchase. I recommend using moisturizes that do not have concentrated levels of SPF. I use Aveeno daily moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF 15. It is a lightweight moisturizer that smooths my skin and provides necessary protection if I plan on being outside for most of the day.

I recommend buying a moisturizer that has a moderate amount of SPF in it. Because of the harmful nature of some sunscreen products, these moisturizers do not contain the hazardous ingredients that most sunscreen products have. The Aveeno moisturizer can also be found in your local drugstore for about $16.

To conclude my day of having fun in the sun, I do a deep, exfoliating face and body scrub. I recommend two scrubs that have been incredibly beneficial to the well being of my skin. First, St. Ive’s apricot scrub is a nourishing and effective way to prevent breakouts.

This can also be found at your local drugstore for about $5. This affordable exfoliate will leave your skin incredibly smooth with a lively radiance. This scrub is effective if used 3 to 4 times a week. I would prevent using it every day to avoid dryness.

However, if you want to invest in a daily scrub, I recommend the Aveeno daily scrub that can be used at the end or beginning of every day. This scrub cleanses and evens out any discoloration and clears pores for a fresh and balanced feel. This runs for about $8 and can be found the same way.

Lastly, stay hydrated. Because of the sun’s draining nature, it can be quite harmful to not stay hydrated. Not only can it negatively affect you internally, but dehydration can be seen on your skin as well.

To prevent dryness of skin, stay hydrated. Make sure you are consuming your necessary intake of water. Take a water bottle (recyclable) with you if you plan on being away from home for a long period of time. Maintaining a healthy diet through fruits and vegetables, while also retaining an appropriate water intake can ensure that summer glow.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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