Fairly too often, we as students forget to acknowledge just how amazing our teachers are and how many roles they take on in the classroom every single day.

Teachers shape young minds, influence their students' future opinions, and teach them tools they'll use every day in order to reach their goals.

However, these three taxing jobs only scratch the surface of the demands of a teacher.

Teachers aren't just teachers. Teachers are...

1. Artists.

That adorable Mother's Day card you brought home from school when you were in Kindergarten was the product of a teacher who saw the creativity behind safety scissors and small, sticky hands covered in glue. Always remember that when you walk past that card hanging on the refrigerator.

2. Comedians.

Teachers know that you're bored and would rather be somewhere else, but they take the time to try and make you laugh because they see it as part of their job to make you happy. So next time your teacher tells a joke, even if it's pretty lame, be sure to laugh.

3. Coaches.

Just how football coaches train their athletes for the big game, a teacher trains his/her students for the next big test. And just like a coach, a teacher will be there to push you to your limit, while always remembering to pick you up when you fall down. You appreciate your coach for getting you to the championship, so show a little appreciation to your teacher for helping you ace that test.

4. Nurses.

Whether you scraped your knee when you fell off of the playground slide or you have a really bad cough that you can't get rid of, teachers always have band-aids, cough drops, and comforting words ready for when you just aren't feeling your best. Next time you notice your teacher is under the weather, try and reciprocate their actions by offering a cough drop or by simply being on your best behavior.

5. Janitors.

From scraps of paper strewn all over the floor to that bag of chips you promised you'd throw away, but obviously forgot about, your teacher knows how important a clean learning environment is and makes sure you have exactly that. Next time, try to remember to throw away your chips.

6. Motivational Speakers.

Do you remember that time you failed a test you were confident you aced? Or that time your nerves got the best of you right before your big in-class presentation? Your teachers were there to fight off those negative thoughts and to help you see yourself exactly as they saw you: valued, smart, and capable. Don't blow off those words of encouragement.

7. Judges.

She hit you or you hit him. Your best friend wrote something about you in the bathroom stall, so you pulled her hair. If you've been in school for longer than a day, you know this is an everyday occurrence among students, no matter how young or old.

It's a teacher's job to listen to each side of the story and distribute punishment fairly, but I promise this is the least favorite of a teacher's jobs. Punishing you hurts them more than it hurts you, and even more so when you get angry.

8. Therapists.

Growing up is hard, but teachers know what you're going through because they've been in your shoes. Whether it's problems at home or frustrations with school, your teachers will always take time out of their day to sit down and listen to you.

Because at the end of the day, they care more about you and your mental health than that stack of papers they need to file. Remember this before you get angry about your test that hasn't been graded yet.

9. Security Guards.

Sadly, in today's world, a teacher must guard their students' lives with their own, yet they do this without any hesitation. Your teachers love you so much that they'd give their own lives to save yours if it came down to it, so the least you can do is do what they ask of you, the first time they ask.

10. Mothers and Fathers.

Your teachers spend more time with you than your parents do most days, considering you're at school around eight hours every day. Your teachers can sense when you're having a bad day, make sure you don't go outside without a jacket, and always seem to know just what you need.

You are their children, and they will always treat you as such. So whenever you see your old teachers in the grocery store, wave and remember that you were once their baby.

11. Heroes.

Teachers create, organize, encourage, and protect. They comfort, sympathize, and believe. But most importantly, they love. There is no doubt that the demands of a teacher are challenging, to say the least, but despite the challenge, teachers love what they do and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Your teacher chose this occupation because of YOU. Your teachers made the decision to enrich, shape, and challenge young minds for the rest of their lives, no matter the cost. And trust me, they didn't choose this job for the paycheck.

Next time you see your teacher, thank them. Thank them for giving you a cough drop when you're sick. Thank them for challenging your thoughts and believing in your dreams. Thank them for keeping you safe. Thank them for teaching you.

Thank them because heroes deserve to be thanked.