What Will The Commission Do With Mcgregor?

What Will The Commission Do With Mcgregor?

Many Are Expecting A Quick Return For Mcgregor But Will He?


Since UFC 229 wrapped up many have been guessing and assuming what the punishments will be for the current UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and "The Notorious" Conor Mcgregor after the melee that broke out after one of the biggest grudge matches took place. It is already known that the 2 fighters will be issued fines and suspensions more than likely but we also know that Conor Mcgregor has been issued a continuance for the upcoming court date.

Word has also been floating around that Khabib Nurmagomedov will more than likely not show up for court. Khabib's legal team seems to be searching for a settlement to be proposed as Khabib clearly wants things to be wrapped up but it does not help Khabib does not show up for court. The Nevada Athletic Commission is also holding $2 million purse from the UFC Lightweight Champion that he would have been granted for the bout.

As the situation has continued to grow for a few years now we should not be surprised about what took place that night. After dismantling Mcgregor and submitting him in the 4th round Khabib Nurmagomedov proceeded to get up continue to yell at Mcgregor as referee Herb Dean begins to push him away. Khabib then begins to get into it will Conor's cornermen and close friend Bellator fighter Dillan Danis who was antagonizing Khabib as he called him a "F**king Muslim Rat" Khabib then proceeded to leap over the octagon cage and dive at Dillan Danis then a brawl broke out in the crowd.

While this chaos is going on Conor Mcgregor jumped onto the octagon to naturally go help his friend and Khabib's brother also tried to go over the cage but then was met with a punch from Mcgregor. This is created a huge mess in the octagon as Mcgregor was then attacked by 2 people from Khabib's camp and he hit with a few brutal shots as Conor was outnumbered.

When it was all said and done the press conference after the event continued even though what happened took place. Dana White was livid and not happy at all, to say the least. Khabib still showed up to the press conference and was hit with questions about what happened and why. Nurmagomedov then began to apologize to the fans, the UFC, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Khabib also stated how Mix Martial Arts is a respectful sport and Mcgregor went too far when he continued to verbally attack Khabibs religion, country, and his father.

Dana White even said a lengthy suspension for Khabib would be completely unnecessary. But everyone is wondering what is going to take place with Mcgregor. Conor is one of the best stand up fighters in the octagon and he proved his worthiness as a living legend but he has his incidents that part a mark on his image. From jumping the cage at a Bellator event and pushing the ref to slap a commissionaire the same night. He outshined that incident when the infamous bus incident took place at the media day for UFC 223.

There have been rumors that the UFC is looking to book a rematch between Conor Mcgregor and title contender Dustin Prior when everything is settled but will the Nevada State Athletics Commission be harsh on Conor because of his history or will they allow him to continue to monstrous career.

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