What's Happening On The Other Side Of The Globe?
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What's Happening On The Other Side Of The Globe?

Patagonia: there is so much more to it.

What's Happening On The Other Side Of The Globe?

First off, I'm not a researcher and I'm not a news analysis. I am just writing about what is happening all across the world. I personally know that America has censored media here and there, so we sadly don't always know what is going on; they don't always publish everything in the papers. And so people sometimes have to turn to the internet to get there world news.

Before I start I just want to put this out there: I'm not saying America is terrible or that I'm a communist or anything of that nature...just some facts.

I hate to say it but...America is not greatest country in the world anymore.

This clip is very humbling and makes you truly realize how the rest of the world is not behind us anymore and how America is not the end all be all. We think we are the best thing ever and it's cold hard facts that we have to accept....we sure used to be...

Here are some of the things I want to discuss.

Climate Change, Global Warning & Nature Conservation Issues:

All over the world and even in the United States there are many issues of global warming. These issues range from pollution, to oil spills that are destroying our ocean, hydro powered dams (that are actually bad), and the arctic circle that is slowly disappearing. Also there is so much more to the world that is slowly getting destroyed.

The specific population of people I want to talk about is Patagonia, Chile. Everyone knows the famous outdoor company Patagonia, and it has now become a rich kid company (sadly). A lot of frat guys wear the backwards trucker hats and the long sleeve t-shirts, but they are an amazing company that has good pure roots to who they are and their mantra.

Along with being an outdoor gear company they have dedicated most of their profits to help create a nature conservation for Patagonia, Chilie.

  • Less than 5 percent of the area has any kind of conservation status (worldwide, about 13 percent of land is under some form of protection).
  • Overgrazing has degraded grasslands, destroying key wildlife habitat and leaving fragile soils exposed to wind erosion and invasive species.
  • The Huemul deer, a Chilean symbol for nature equivalent to the US's bald eagle, verges on extinction due to habitat loss and competition with livestock. Many other species are also threatened.
  • Mining and gas development have already made inroads into this mineral-rich area, and threaten to degrade more wilderness areas.
  • A proposed hydroelectric project threatens to dam Chilean Patagonia's two largest rivers.

These are just some of the many many issues that are going on in Patagonia.

Overgrazing and desertification proposed hydroelectric Mega-dams are a very very big issue this is also a big problem in America as well.

Here is a link to an article about methane emissions that are produced from dams. Also a great movie is DamNation.

But enough about America back to Patagonia.

This is an amazing country that is not know for more than the fact that a clothing company is based off of it. Most people don't even know it really is a country. So next time you see a Patagonia Logo take a second and realize there is so much more to it.

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