The 6 Most Innovative Kitchen Appliances
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The 6 Most Innovative Kitchen Appliances

Simple Solutions to Culinary Catastrophes

The 6 Most Innovative Kitchen Appliances

For anyone who is a cooking connoisseur, loves being in the kitchen, or just loves eating, knows how all the gadgets and gizmos of the cooking world can change the way we think about our cooking. As an amateur 'chef', the uniqueness to my 'war tools' allow me to be creative with my cooking and learn to not only create new dishes, but how to be creative more effectively. We live and breathe products, and their designs allow us to make a difference in the way we live our everyday lives.

Check out some simple, creative creations that will brighten up any kitchen!

Over-the-sink Cutting Board

Ever feel like you are going no where we you are constantly running around your kitchen cleaning vegetables to cut up for fresh meals? Or maybe you are out of working space because of a clutter countertop? Sometimes the hardest part of eating healthier is the effort and time it takes to follow through. With this over-the-sink, all-in-one cutting board, eating healthier might not be as hard as it seems. With less time spent one collecting and cleaning fresh veggies and fruit, this little gadget could cut your prep time in half!

Copco Bag Caps

Everyone knows the disappointment of opening a fresh bag of chips to see only 50% of the bag full, but what is even more disappointing is when your best friend forgets to close the bag. Copco's Bag Caps allow users to not only preserve their favorite snacks, but help to condense snack cabinets that get stocked up with boxes and unnecessary packaging that gets ripped, torn, and destroyed.

Yolkfish Egg Separator

For baking especially, cooking with eggs can be a hassle. Not all the time can you crack a egg perfectly without losing a yolk or breaking pieces of the eggshell into your bowl. With this Yolkfish Egg Separator, separating eggs is easy! Don't risk damaging your yolks with a spoon ever again! Not only is this gadget helpful, but it will help bring character to any chef's cooking space.

Hot Pot BBQ

On the topic of cooking it up in the kitchen, anyone looking for a healthy alternative to cooking up their favorites turns to grilling. Grilling can be a fun and easy way to make meals healthier, spending time with friends and family cooking together, but, in reality, who has enough space for a full grill in small houses or apartments? Seems a little subjective don't you think? Well with the Hot Pot BBQ, anyone can enjoy the option of grilling no matter where they live. Disguised as a common house plant, the Hot Pot BBQ is easy to store and allows for a more conserved use of space.

NESTED Hen & Chick Measuring Cups

Do you need a helping hen? Well Fred & Friends has the best solution. Their NESTED Hen & Chick Measuring Cups are the best way to keep your cabinets free from clutter. Collapsable and made for easy storage, these measuring cups not only allow for accurate measuring, but are easy to clean. Without needing to re-wash for different measurements across different ingredients, these adorable luxuries allow any chef to continue cooking without needing to re-use just one cup.

Rub Away

To any individual the smell of freshly peeled garlic may be perfect in an Italian dish, but on your hands, the smell can be putrid and impossible to withstand. No matter how many times you wash your hands, the smell is still there. Well, with the Rub Away stainless steel bar, these unbelievable odors are a thing of the past. As you use the Rub Away Bar under cold water, the metal creates a chemical reaction that removes and destroys the odor. Take that terrible odors!

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