What Is Coming To And Leaving Netflix During May For Your Quarantine Viewing Pleasure
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What's Coming To And Leaving Netflix During May For Your Quarantine Viewing Pleasure

Just in time for another month of quarantine.

What's Coming To And Leaving Netflix During May For Your Quarantine Viewing Pleasure
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The first of the month is now here, which means we will be losing some of our Netflix favorites but gaining some new ones.

Here is a list of TV shows and movies we will be losing and gaining on Netflix during May.

What's Leaving Netflix:

May 1:

  • "John Carter"
May 15:
  • "Limitless"
  • "The Place Beyond The Pines"

May 17:

  • "Royal Pains" (all seasons)
May 18:
  • "Scandal" (all seasons)

May 19:

  • "What's Eating Gilbert Grape"
  • "Black Snake Moan"
  • "First Wives Club"
  • "She's Out Of My League"
  • "Love, Rosie"
  • "Evolution"
  • "It Takes Two"
  • "Carriers"
  • "Yours, Mine, and Ours"
  • "Young Adult"
May 25:
  • "Bitten" (all seasons)

May 30:

  • "Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere: Collection One"
May 31:
  • "Dear John"
  • "Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past"
  • "Final Destination"
  • "The Final Destination"
  • "Final Destination 2 and 3"
  • "Austin Powers In Goldmember"
  • "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery"
  • "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"
  • "My Girl"
  • "Outbreak"
  • "Looney Tunes: Back in Action"
  • "Red Dawn"
  • "The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear"
  • "The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!"
  • "Richie Rich"

What's Coming To Netflix:

May 1:

  • "Go! Go! Cory Carson: The Chrissy"
  • "Hollywood" (Netflix original)
  • "Into the Night" (Netflix original)
  • "Almost Happy" (Netflix original)
  • "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
  • "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"
  • "Get In" (Netflix original)
  • "All Day and a Night" (Netflix original)
  • "The Half of It" (Netflix original)
  • "Medici: The Magnificent: Part 2" (Netflix original)
  • "Back to the Future"
  • "Back to the Future Part II"
  • "Fun with Dick & Jane"
  • "Cracked Up, The Darrell Hammond Story"
  • "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective"
  • "Mrs. Serial Killer" (Netflix original)
  • "Reckoning: Season 1"
  • "Den of Thieves"
  • "Masha and the Bear: Season 4"
  • "Jarhead"
  • "Jarhead 2: Field of Fire"
  • "Jarhead 3: The Siege"
  • "For Colored Girls"
  • "I Am Divine"
  • "The Patriot"
  • "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa"
  • "Material"
  • "Monthly Girls' Nozaki Kun: Season 1"
  • "Song of the Sea"
  • "The Heartbreak Kid"
  • "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
  • "What a Girl Wants"
  • "Underworld"
  • "Underworld: Evolution"
  • "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans"
  • "Urban Cowboy"
May 4:
  • "Arctic Dogs"
May 5:
  • "Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours To Kill" (Netflix Comedy Special)
May 6:
  • "Becoming" (Netflix documentary)
  • "Workin' Moms: Season 4" (Netflix original)
May 7:
  • "Scissor Seven: Season 2" (Netflix original anime)
May 8:
  • "Dead to Me: Season 2" (Netflix original)
  • "18 regali" (Netflix original)
  • "The Eddy" (Netflix original)
  • "Restaurants on the Edge: Season 2" (Netflix original)
  • "Valeria" (Netflix original)
  • "House at the End of the Street"
  • "Rust Valley Restorers: Season 2" (Netflix original)
May 9:
  • "Charmed: Season 2"
  • "Grey's Anatomy: Season 16"

May 11:

  • "Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics" (Netflix documentary)
  • "Bordertown: Season 3" (Netflix original)
  • "Trial By Media" (Netflix documentary)
  • "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend" (Netflix interactive original)

May 13:

  • "The Wrong Missy"

May 14:

  • "Riverdale: Season 4"

May 15:

  • "Inhuman Resources" (Netflix original)
  • "Magic for Humans: Season 3" (Netflix original)
  • "White Lines" (Netflix original)
  • "I Love You, Stupid" (Netflix original)
  • "Avatar: The Last Airbender: Seasons 1-3"
  • "Chichipatos" (Netflix original)
  • "District 9"
May 16:
  • "United 93"
  • "Public Enemies"
  • "La reina de Indias y el conquistador" (Netflix original)
May 17:
  • "Soul Surfer"

May 18:

  • "The Big Flower Fight"

May 19:

  • "Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything" (Netflix comedy special)
  • "Sweet Magnolias" (Netflix original)
  • "Trumbo"
May 20:
  • "Rebelión de los Godinez" (Netflix original)
  • "The Flash: Season 6"
  • "Ben Platt Live From Radio City Music Hall" (Netflix documentary)

May 22:

  • "Just Go With It"
  • "Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series: Season 2" (Netflix original)
  • "Control Z " (Netflix original)
  • "History 101" (Netflix original)
  • "The Lovebirds" (Netflix original)
  • "Selling Sunset: Season 2" (Netflix original)
May 23:
  • "Dynasty: Season 3"

May 25:

  • "Uncut Gems"
  • "Ne Zha"
  • "Norm of the North: Family Vacation"

May 26:

  • "Hannah Gadsby: Douglas" (Netflix comedy special)

May 27:

  • "I'm No Longer Here" (Netflix original)
  • "The Lincoln Lawyer"

May 29:

  • "Space Force" (Netflix original)
  • "Somebody Feed Phil: Season 3" (Netflix documentary)

May 31:

  • "High Strung Free Dance"

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