What’s “Brewing” In Milwaukee Next Week?

What’s “Brewing” In Milwaukee Next Week?

4 Halloween-themed events to check out in Milwaukee to celebrate Halloween (throughout the week of 10/20)


From Jeffrey Dahmer to supposedly haunted breweries, Milwaukee is surprisingly home to pretty spooky, Halloween-themed events and activities. Here are five scary (and not-so-scary) things to check out next week to celebrate the upcoming holiday!

1) Fear District (Thursdays-Sundays throughout the month of October) 

Bring your friends and prepare to be scared! Located in the pavilion outside Fiserv Forum (known as the "Deer District"), this "fear festival" features three haunted attractions, horror movie screenings, and a Halloween-themed marketplace.

2) "Cream City Cannibal": Jeffrey Dahmer Murder Tour (Fridays & Saturdays at 10 PM) 

Hosted by Hangman Tours, this outdoor walking tour takes you through the twisted mind of cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, showing you 7 out of the 17 places where he killed his victims. Discretion advised – definitely not for the faint of heart!

3) Gothic Milwaukee (schedule varies throughout the week) 

Are you super into ghosts? Want to explore a bit of Milwaukee's paranormal history? Then look no further than Gothic Milwaukee, home of the "Original Milwaukee Ghost Tour" and other excursions throughout the Brady Street and Third Ward neighborhoods.

4) The Nightmare Before Christmas with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra at the Riverside (10/20 at 2 pm & 8 pm) 

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a beloved Halloween movie, and is definitely a must-watch during the month of October! The Riverside will be projecting it on the "big screen" this Sunday, with the soundtrack accompanied by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra – a perfect way to bring in the start of the week!

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