"[blank] majors be like..."

Psychology Majors

Yet, some of you still manage.

Journalism Majors

Let's be real: that's where your industry is headed at this point.

Computer Science Majors

Because nobody else really understands what you're doing.

Education Majors

No pressure.

Theater Majors

Sorry guys, I promise you're not all that bad.

Business Majors

No offense, but full offense.

History Majors

Especially applies if your name is Nicolas.

Political Science Majors

If politics keep heading in the same direction...

English Majors

Again, no pressure.

STEM Majors

Beep beep boop boop.

Communication Majors

Good luck, those are hard.

Philosophy Majors

Is this Tweet real? Is this article real? Is the internet real? Is real real?

Undecided Majors

Don't worry, you have time to figure it out.