What Your Favorite Nashville Coffee Shop Says About You
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What Your Favorite Nashville Coffee Shop Says About You

A very scientific personality quiz using Nashville's best-loved watering holes.

What Your Favorite Nashville Coffee Shop Says About You

Nashville may be known as Music City, but Java City would work quite as well. Nashville is home to many a local coffee shop, each with its own unique vibe. Below, discover what some of Music City’s best-loved coffee shops say about their clientele.

Barista Parlor

Well, aren’t you hip—and you’re probably painfully aware of it. You tag your photos on Instagram with #aesthetic without a trace of irony. You own a Chemex and are in pursuit of the art of the perfect pour-over. You’re on a first-name basis with the staff of Sisters of Nature.

The Well

Your religious views on Facebook are listed as “Christ follower” rather than “Christian.” You use words like “missional” and “intentional” like they’re going out of style. You’ve been on at least two “life-changing” short-term mission trips, likely to Central America. You have been known on more than one occasion to refer to Donald Miller as “my homeboy.”

Dose Coffee & Tea

You’ve sampled every variety of breakfast sandwich known to mankind and have detailed records of each one of them. You actually prefer tea to coffee and spend a lot of time scrolling through the “cozy” tag on Tumblr.

Café Coco

The day you ran into Keith and Nicole was the highlight of your week. You often consume green juice and tiramisu within the same day. You can’t remember the last time you woke up before 10 AM and have justified this by declaring that time is an artificial and arbitrary construct.

Eighth and Roast

Cool is your middle name. However, you don’t have to try to show it. You just give off an air of nonchalant sophistication. You have at least one tattoo, probably of a constellation.

The Frothy Monkey

There’s a 73.5% chance that you own a dog and a 82.1% chance that said dog has its own Instagram account. You cried internally when Jeni’s announced its recall. A generous portion of your expendable income goes straight to Grimey’s.


Breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, and you refuse to apologize for that. Your New Year’s resolution was to finish Infinite Jest, and you’ve seen every episode of Portlandia. You have a Wordpress blog and a DSLR camera.

Bongo Java

There’s a 52.6% chance that you own or want to own a pet fox. You often find yourself using #aesthetic ironically, but you secretly enjoy it. You know at least three people who play the mandolin.


When asked what your guilty pleasure is, you cheerfully reply, “Doughnuts.” You’re confident in your own abilities and may have a penchant for bowling. You have a nominal interest in graphic design and vehemently believe in the power of small batches.


You’re an overworked student with a weakness for Justin's peanut butter cups and that pumpkin spice.

Did we include your favorite coffee shop? What’s your favorite spot to grab a cortado?

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