What you never imagined you would miss about college
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Student Life

What you never imagined you would miss about college

You thought you hated these things but... turns out you miss them

What you never imagined you would miss about college

The Dining Hall

The dining hall is something all college students never thought they would miss. But, cooking is no fun. Plus college kids are so used to and so spoiled by fresh and ready food cooking is near impossible. At home college kids one are too lazy to cook so don't eat or two spend money and buy something.

The Gym

We all complained about going to the gym. But lucky for us it was part of tuition and we could walk right there. Now it is a car ride away and a huge cost. So as much as we hated the gym we also loved it.

Dorm Life

Everyone always complains about dorm life; the shared showers, the no privacy, and the constant noise. However, you will miss dorm life. It is so nice when you live around your friends 24/7. You do not need to drive four hours away to see them. You can stay up as late as you want with them without having your parents question your whereabouts.

Lack of privacy

Never in a million years did you think you would miss not having privacy. But somehow you do. It is lonely at home. You miss your dorm mates barging into your room every five seconds with a new story. Or hogging all the showers on the floor with your friends and playing music. Yes privacy is nice, but you deep down miss everyone being around and invading your privacy.

Saving money by eating dorm food

Ya you hated dorm food. It was either microwavable food or junk food. Either way you didn't feel too hot after eating it. But now you cannot stop spending your money on Panera or Chiptole. So now you truly miss your cheap dorm food.

Being able to walk everywhere

Not having to drive to the gym. Not having to drive four hours to see your college friends. You miss those days when everything was maximum a ten minute walk away. Also your step counter also missed it because you always hit over 10,000 now your lucky to get close.

Late night binge eating... was acceptable

In college everyone does it so you don't feel as bad. It is part of the norm when you have to stay up doing homework. Mozzarella sticks late night are always a big hit. After a night out even some pizza was acceptable.

Feeling productive

Everyone hates homework, class, and test. However, they make it feel like you are doing something. You don't really know what, but you feel like a productive human being. No being home couch sitting doesn't really fill that void.

Your Roommate

You truly thought having your room back to yourself was going to be amazing. But you do miss those late night heart to hearts with your roommate. For some reason when it hits bedtime the deep thoughts used to come out and you could talk for hours. Now when it's bedtime your head hits the pillow and night you go.

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