What You Could Buy If You Sold Your Adele Ticket
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What You Could Buy If You Sold Your Adele Ticket

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What You Could Buy If You Sold Your Adele Ticket

No one knows her last name and no one seems to care. She can make you long for people you haven't met yet and make you nostalgic for flip phones with only sepia, black and white, and negative filters. It wasn't a surprise when her American tour sold out before tickets even went on sale. You can't put a price on a talent, but you can put a price on hearing it, and it cost a lot more than most of us can afford. This is a list of 25 things you could buy if you sold your Adele ticket, probably.

1. A week's worth of groceries from Whole Foods.

2. A case of water that is actually from Fiji.

3. The friendship of Angelina from "Jersey Shore."

4. A back rub from Odell Becham Jr.

5.Beyoncé tickets.

6. A shopping cart full of puppies.

7. Pizza every third day of the week, for a decade.

8.Derek Shepherd's life back from Shonda Rhimes.

9. Personalized inspirational daily quotes from Shaq.

10. A reunion episode of "Lizzie McGuire."

11. A pair of Yeezys for every day of the week.

12. Instagram followers.

13. The Cleveland Browns.

14. A private island.

15. A gallon of Channing Tatum's sweat.

16. A role in Amy Schumer's next movie.

17. An iPhone 9. That's right, n-i-n-e.

18. A bridge that connects your house to your best friend's house.

19. An alternate ending to "End of Watch."

20. The goblet from "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

21. Two textbooks from the bookstore.

22. Extra guac every single time you go to Chipotle for the rest of your life. Your own avocado farm so Chipotle pays you.

23. Kale dusted with gold flakes.

24. Morgan Freeman to narrate your life for 16 hours

25. The Academy so Leo finally gets his Oscar.

The list goes on and on.

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