4 Fun Swap Season Styles & How To Create Them

4 Fun Swap Season Styles & How To Create Them

Your inside source into everything sorority.

Swap season is the BEST season, but being caught without a costume is the worst. Newbies, this article is for you! It's time for you to take swap season by storm!

1. Rave/Neon Party

Grab a white T-shirt from Walmart, some ducktape, and spray paint. Place the tape on the shirt to spell out the initials of your hometown, a fun saying, or in abstract forms. Spray paint over it and voila! Add glowsticks, facepaint, and light up shoes and you're good to go!

2. Hometown Throwdown

This is the time to "throw what you know"- get a jersey from your hometown's team, your high school cheerleading outfit, or your school uniform. Whatever hometown means to you!

3. Angels and Devil

Halo or devil horns? Wings or a tail? Whatever you choose, it's best paired with a black/white tennis skirt and a black/white fitted workout top. Face glitter or red lipstick is always a fun addition. Put on some Converse and you're ready to take on the night!

4. Southbound/Country

Camo, black face paint, cowboy boots, and a ballcap. The more county, the better! You will see your sisters in anything from full body camo to a denim skirt paired with a camo top. Either way- camo is the way to go!

Cover Image Credit: Kate Pride-Muse

Popular Right Now

10 Sorority Stereotypes We Can Finally Squash

Yay! People finally realizing that it is not just a group of girls bouncing around in glitter in front of a house!

After spending one year not being a part of a sorority and then another year being in one, I now can fully understand where the rumors and opinions of sororities and sorority girls come from. I am here to proudly say that they are not true. And with the help of the show "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!"

1. The girls are dumb

Fun fact: almost all the sororities you come across have a minimum GPA requirement! Also, if grades start to decline for some sorority members, we all pull together into study groups, tutors, and support to ensure that they get back on track.

2. All of the girls are the same/ no diversity

Sorority members come from many different places and from different backgrounds. In fact, you will be happy to hear that the majority of sororities are doing the best they can to invite in more diverse people and bring them into their chapters.

3. There is competition between sisters

If anything, we bring each other up. Ever since joining my sorority, I now have a large group of girls I could pick from that would be more than happy to join me at hip hop fitness, so I do not have to feel insecure when I go alone.

4. All we care about are looks

The first, and one of the only things we look at while recruiting members into our chapters, is a girl's values. Sororities base the majority of decisions on whether they believe a potential new member shares the same beliefs that we do.

5. It is a waste of money

Yes, it can be come expensive, but it comes with so many benefits! First, you get lunch and dinner five days a week (at least I do). Also, this pays for events that you have on almost a weekly basis (bonus! you never get bored!).

6. Big/Little sisters are pointless

Your big sister is not just a girl that jumps out of a box and hugs you. She is your best friend while you are away from home. All I know is that once I left for college and did not see my older sister everyday like I used to, having my new big sister at my sorority helped to bring me so much happiness.

7. All the girls are fake towards one another

Girls can always be catty towards one another, however, with sororities it is different. You now consider all of these women your family and you have a bond holding you guys together. Hence, not fake towards each other because we all just want more friends.

8. They change you

I will admit, my older sister did call me out for "changing" once I joined a sorority. When you are in a sorority, the only things that change are the amount of clothes you have (because now you have access to hundreds of other girls' clothes) and your number of friends increase significantly.

9. Don't actually do real community service

There is a large amount of fund raising between every single chapter at each school, the philanthropic events, Dance Marathon, and the list goes on and on. Greek life contributes a large sum of money every year to benefits, research, and charities.

10. What sorority / "tier" you are in matters

Now, I know that some people are going to read this last point and be like "oh she is just saying that because she is probably in a bottom tier sorority." Boys do not care whether you are in a sorority or not- so I highly doubt that they will care which chapter you are a part of. Additionally, it is known that girls are supportive and kind between chapters.

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Greek Life, I Love You, But No One Should Feel The Way You Made Me Feel

My wish is you hear me with an open heart.

What does it mean to be part of a sorority? Recently, I've been struggling to come up with an answer that truly reflects my current relationship status with my Greek organization.

I love you unconditionally.

You have given me a place to grow. You have given me lifelong friends. You have given me a family I can call my own.

Thank you. You will never know how much that means to me.

It may be senioritis. It may be new leadership. Or it may be my lack of involvement as I enter into my final semester being part of this organization.

You have shown me tough love. No harm in that. However, the execution was poor.

We all fall short, and I understand there are consequences that come with that. However, I feel more defeated. I feel hurt. And I feel judged. Caused by my very own sisters. I don't think any member of this sorority should feel the way you've made me feel.

I have questioned the character of the people in this room, along with my own. Who is blame? I don't think you can point fingers, but somewhere... someone... slipped. I forgive you. I accept it.

That being said, I don't expect an apology. I just want to call it to your attention. I know I'm not alone in this.

My hope is you hear me and try to understand.

There is a place for rules and regulations, and there's no way around that. You hope everyone respects that, but there will always be those who try to tip-toe around it.

I can't justify anyone's actions other than my own.

In my actions, I had no intentions to cause harm or put my family members in jeopardy. My little, grand littles and great grand little mean more to me than they or anyone will ever know.

It is my wish, however, that they learn from my actions and leave this chapter better than how they found it. I want them to be the best version of themselves during their time here.

I never want them to know the feeling that I am feeling in this moment.

Judged. Embarrassed. Ashamed.

It still amazes me that this chapter gave me so much confidence, love, and support. It all fell apart within minutes between me and 10 sisters.

I still love you all unconditionally because we will forever share a common bond within our sisterhood.

You all have been elected to lead our chapter, and my hope is that you do so with grace. Please keep your heart open and maintain a good head on your shoulders.

Everyone looks up to you. You set the example.

I leave this chapter with faith in your leadership and your ability to make a difference for the future generations. This is a heavy burden, but I have confidence you are able to take on the responsibility.


Cover Image Credit: Belle Bressler

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