What Type Of Shopper Are You?
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What Type Of Shopper Are You?

Black Friday should be a holiday.

What Type Of Shopper Are You?
DDO Players

It's quite obvious that this time of the year is the season of giving. But that also entails the season of buying. Which leads me to an important question. What type of shopper are you? This will matter, specifically this month, as there are fewer days until each holiday or event.

1.The "Dad" shopper.

No this does not apply to just dads nor all dads.This shopper, in particular, is one with a road map and a plan. They know the exact item they are buying and will only buy that item. No budging. They don’t wander through the store, they simply go to the section, get the product, pay, and go - making shopping a boring, and simple task.

2.The online only shopper.

No human interaction needed here - online is where it's at! They know all their proper sizes and measurements because they are pros. Why put on pants and leave the house just to go stand in a line and talk to people for products? You can stay at home pants-less and order it online!

3. The Black Friday shopper.

This shopper has a plan: one mapped out for the special occasion that is 'Black Friday'. They have spent time collecting information about each store's deals and discounts, to create the perfect plan of attack. They are alert and ready for whatever may come their way. Filled with caffeine and the cheer of the holiday season, nothing can stop them from maxing their credit cards and buying out each store.

4. The compulsive shopper.

We have all been this shopper at one time or another. Whether you are an online shopper or an in-store shopper, we have all thought we needed something that ends up collecting dust in our house, rooms etc... But for some reason, in that moment, we needed some obscure object that we would hate minutes late and would find after the return date. Or buy things we need, but can't afford at the time, on a whim or on the basis that they will be used in the future. This shopper is the every man/woman. They justify the purchases they make and never look back until it is too late.

5. The non-shopper shopper.

This one is a bit tricky and may only apply to few, but I promise, they exist. This shopper is the type of person that does not buy gifts but simply sticks their name onto other's gifts and roles with the outcome. They are normally part of a duo, such as couples, friends or siblings. This lazy, have-hazard gift giving makes sense for couples in certain circumstances, however, we all have that person in our lives that asks to add their name to our well thought out gift...

Personally, I am a compulsive Black Friday shopper and I am proud of that. I have saved and spent so much. Yes, I understand I am an enigma, but that's just how the holiday season goes! So, Happy Holidays and happy spending this December! (or not spending if you are a #5 type of shopper) None the less, enjoy the season of endless giving!

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