18 Things I Learned In My 18th Year
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18 Things I Learned In My 18th Year

Forgiveness is a challenging thing to do, but there's no reason to hold grudges.

18 Things I Learned In My 18th Year
Lauren Cox

As the school year has finally come to a close and summer has officially began, I've been doing a lot of reflecting on this past year. Along with summer starting, my 19th birthday was on Friday so I thought it would be fun to share 18 things I learned during my 18th year.

1. How to be on my own

Since I was off at college this year, I learned how to do things on my own and not rely on my parents to help me with every little thing.

2. How to make $25 last two weeks

Since I didn't have a job all year, I had to be really creative with how I spent my time since I didn't have enough money to be going out everyday. Although it stunk at times, my money management skills have increased so much.

3. How to try new things

I spent a long time fearing change and avoiding new things because of it. Something just clicked this year, and I decided to branch out and try new things, and I haven't looked back!

4. God has a plan

With all of the new change that was thrown my way, it was often hard to believe that the Lord had a plan. It was definitely challenging, but I learned to trust in Him with everything.

5. Family time matters

Since I had always lived at home, I never realized the importance of quality time with my family because I had so much of it. Once I turned 18 and moved away from home, I realized that weekends at home are precious and spending time with my family is the best.

6. It's okay to say no

I've always struggled with when and how to say no to things which has always made my life stressful. Learning to say no to eating with friends because I had a test the next day was not easy, or fun, but that's part of growing up and the sooner you learn it, the better.

7. Be yourself

High school is full of judgement and that can be hard, but once I left, I realized how silly it was and how no one really cares how you dress or what you do. Learning to be comfortable in your own skin can be difficult, but once you are, you'll live a happier and healthier life.

8. How to let go

Growing up also means growing out of old habits and relationships. Letting go of the past has been one of my biggest struggles, but once I fully committed to letting go of certain things, everything has been easier.

9. Phone calls are way better than texts

Hearing someones voice over the phone is so much more personable than reading a text. It's easier hear their tone and fully understand what they're saying, and it's just more fun.

10. Take pictures of EVERYTHING

Our generation is so lucky to be able to document everything we do, and pictures are the best way to do so. They are the best way to remember these precious moments, and share them with others.

11. Be accepting

As you grow up, you're exposed to so many different people with different backgrounds. Learning to realize that everyone is different and that's okay, is a valuable life skill.

12. Tell your friends you love them

Life is precious, and so are relationships. Make sure to tell your family and friends you love them regularly, you never know what's going on in their lives and it could make their day.

13. That bag of Goldfish isn't your dinner

Eating a balanced diet is so hard and can often be expensive, but your body will thank you if you replace that cheesy snack with some strawberries or a granola bar.

14. Smile more

A simple smile goes a long way.

15. Sleep is my best friend

Sleep is literally the answer to all of your problems. Stressed? Sleep. Mad? Sleep. Upset? Sleep. It's the best thing for your body.

16. Forgiveness is always the way to go

If someone wronged you in high school and is trying to fix it, listen to what they have to say. Forgiveness is a challenging thing to do, but there's no reason to hold grudges.

17. Stand up for what you believe in

If you don't think something is right, don't be afraid to voice your opinion. You may be afraid, but people will respect you if they know that you are firm in your beliefs .

18. Love life

Life is precious, and so much fun. Take a break every once in a while and realize just how lucky you are to be alive and life your life. Do what makes you happy and smile about it.

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