What To Expect When You're Home From College
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Student Life

What To Expect When You're Home From College

Candles, Netflix, and Facebook Quizzes.

What To Expect When You're Home From College
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College kids on break is a wild, wonderful thing unexplainable to most parental units. But for the newly graduated high school student, on their first college break here are a few things to expect:

1. Facebook quizzes. Facebook quizzes, Facebook quizzes, Facebook quizzes. I'm 75% positive that's all we do. It's pretty much all that's on my newsfeed, and they're all from friends at college. Facebook quizzes were made for college students on break, this my friends, is a fact.

2. You will attend at least one wedding, one of your friends will get engaged, or you will run into someone recently engaged whom you will congratulate. You will most likely be single and excited for them, but also probably not. Over the past year and a half I have had approximately 80-something friends or close acquaintances get engaged, married, or pregnant. If you're in college and your friends aren't getting married or engaged, it's probably you. You're the one getting married. Congratulations.

3. Grocery shopping at home probably means that you aren't buying groceries. Which means pickles, chips and dip, chocolate, brand name toilet paper, hand soap, detergent. All of the things you wanted but never splurged on because you were just trying to stay alive. Next time your mom asks you to go grocery shopping remember that, you've got the whole world at your fingertips.

4. Your morning probably looks like everyone's evening, your evening looks like everyone else's morning. Binge watch Netflix until 2 am, sleep 'til 11. Hey, it's 9 hours of sleep right?

5. Netflix. You will become a pro at all things Netflix— which shows are best, what movies to watch when, what frozen pizza and homemade cookies go best with which genre. People will probably hire you to help them choose what to watch on their Friday nights; I would consider making a business out of it.

6. Puppies, babies, cats, children. All of the cuddly things. Enough said.7. Christmas parties, get togethers, celebrations galore. You will meet up with old friends, rekindle connections, remember the joyous happenings of the past and be really grateful for those who have gotten you to where you are as well as who you are today.

8. Candles.

9. You will keenly remember those who you've lost— friends whose pictures are dotted across your room, but ones you haven't held tightly in a while. Or exes who have moved on. Send them peace and love, but don't blame people for living their lives.

10. Candles. Candles. Candles. Candles. (I currently have 3 lit.)

11. Inevitably, no matter how glad you are to be home, you will miss your second home. Coming back to your hometown from your college life can be rocky and isolating no matter how much you love the people there. Reach out to the friends you've made in school, reach out to the friends at home. Be where you are in these moments, in every moment.

Happy Holidays, enjoy your break college pals, Spring is coming.

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