I have struggled with a ton of mental health and body positivity within my last 20 years of life, but I am turning 21 very soon -- actually right before this will be posted. I have learned a lot though about things that I need to do or to push myself to do. Being 21 is a huge milestone towards being an adult, not only are you legally allowed to drink, but everyone looks at you differently. So this is not only your time to shine, but this is one of the few years in your life where you can make it about you. So for the girl who is about to turn 21 and is not ready for the adulthood life, this one is for you.

1. Treat yourself!!!

2. Learn to love yourself even more.

3. Expand your wardrobe.

4. Make a bomb ass birthday playlist to play listen to throughout the day.

5. Go on a adventurous weekend vacation with your friends. 

6. Get a new piercing or tattoo.

7. Shoot your shot on the guy - or girl - who you've been eyeing for a while.

8. Take advantage of you being 21 and go to the bars!

9. If you don't go to a bar, grab a friend and go to a night club!

10. Try a new restaurant

11. Learn a new instrument.

12. Take a pole dancing class.

13. Take a boxing or self-defense class.

14. Take time for yourself - especially for your mental health.

15. Binge all of your favourite movies.

16. Spend more time with your parents.

17. Get a passport and go to a different country.

18. Read a new book every month, until the end of the year. 

19. Change up your hairstyle.

20. Learn how to change a tire. 

21. Take yourself out on a date.