What To Do With Your Dreams

I know you may have something or some things that you've always felt the urge to do. Maybe you're a creator, or a writer, or an adventurer. Maybe you have no idea what you are, but you wish you did.

Wherever you are on the dream scale, I want to tell you something that I wish I had been told earlier.

Dreams have been etched into our hearts. Mission and vision have been planted deep within each and every one of us. They often won't just pop up for the sake of sprouting. We have to find them, discern them, and step boldly into them. Because, if they're truly dreams, they weren't copied from anyone else and they're unique to each one of us simply because the Author of our lives has intentionally written them into our story.

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Perhaps you've found yours but you're afraid to fail. Or maybe you're in a rut along the way to pursuing the mission and vision that's been tucked in the corners of your soul. And maybe, just maybe, you haven't yet discovered where or how you're being called.

So here's what I have for you.

Pray for clarity. Drown out the discouragement. Get alone with the Guy who formed you and your purpose. Shake the dust off and discover what God has etched upon your soul. And then peel those etchings off and stick them on your mirror until they become so integrally and undeniably a part of who you are that you can no longer neglect them.

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Stop being afraid of getting it wrong. If you're working with God, participating in His mission in the way He has uniquely called you, you literally cannot mess it up. Make mistakes? Sure. We all make mistakes. Fail away. But with the Spirit, each and every failure is part of the glorious dream unfolding. Just don't let fear and failures stop you from turning those etchings into action, right where you are.

Because your dreams are no coincidence.

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