As we age, friends come and go. It can be especially difficult when you and one of your close friends drift apart. Sometimes the friendship can be saved, and sometimes it cannot. Here's what you can do when you experience this phase of friendship.

Reach out to the friend

If you really care about this person, tell them. Explain how much they mean to you and admit the feelings of distance between the two of you. If they are a good friend, they'll respect your opinions and will try to improve the relationship.

Hold on to the memories

If this friend makes no effort to continue the friendship, it's okay. But don't let go of the great memories you've had together.

Don't be too sad

Even though you'll be disappointed the friendship didn't last, don't be too upset. Everything happens for a reason, and maybe it's for the best.

Love and support them

Though they may not be present in your life anymore, make sure you still care for them. It's important to be there for others when they need it.

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