The semester is rapidly coming to an end. This truth is felt with a mix of emotions for college students. On one hand, you have the bliss of Winter Break on your mind, but you can’t let yourself get too excited. You have a whole lot to accomplish before you can spend all day watching ABC Family’s "25 Days of Christmas" countdown of movies. Your to-do list is scary and anxiety-inducing. So, here are a few tips for surviving exams.

1. Take naps.

Yes, when you are so exhausted that your only options are to down a fifth cup of coffee or to take a nap, choose the nap! If you’re well rested it will be easier to power through that essay.

2. Avoid long naps.

Speaking of feeling well rested, don’t let your 30-minute nap turn into a 4-hour snooze. Teasing yourself with some deep sleep in a nap will only leave you grumpy and more tired than before.

3. Partake in study groups!

You and your classmates can bond over your mutual hate for the teaching style of the professor while you cruise through studying. Switch notes so you’ll catch information that you don’t have in your notes or quiz each other for the exam. Nothing is more helpful than group motivation!

4. Take study breaks.

You deserve that Starbucks run after studying for four hours!

5. Meet with your professors.

Use those office hours for your advantage. Go over your rough draft or ask the professor to explain some confusing notes from the class. Not only will you understand the material better, but you will also get brownie points with the professor because you took initiative to meet with them!

6. Eat well.

Avoid that urge to go to CookOut for the third time this week. Fast food makes your tired and feel gross. Instead, go get a salad from that trendy salad and sandwich place, or hit up Harris Teeter to pick up some real groceries. Your body will thank you.

7. Eat apples (or fruit in general).

Studies have shown that an apple can make you feel more awake than a cup of coffee. Plus, it is a fresh study snack that you can easily bring to the library with you.

8. Take time to de-stress.

Work out, make a Target run, do anything that calms you down and takes your mind off of school for a while.

9. Call your best friend.

Know that you aren’t the only one freaking out and vent to each other. There are few things in this world that are better than talking to your best friend.

10. Dance it out!

Just like Christina and Meredith, dance it out. When you are feeling extra overwhelmed turn up some music and dance around your room. Since it’s your room you don’t have to worry about how on point your moves are, you can spaz out all you want.

11. Take a deep breath and know it’ll all be over soon!